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A Hamster Ball and Reefing? There are at least two ways!

Have you ever used a Hamster Ball for reefing? (check the thread)

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Feb 24, 2019
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So this should be a fun one! Have you ever thought about how you could use a hamster ball for reefing? Don't lie, no you haven't! Well maybe a few of you have because these two members did!

Hamster Ball Use #1: A chamber to keep chaeto in! Adam Doty or @DozyDotes01 created the chaeto ball! HA! I can see how useful it would be to keep the chaeto all in place, to restrict growing out of control and to "roll around" in the sump or fuge so that all the algae is getting light! What do you think?


Hamster Ball Use #2: A cheap fish acclimation box...err....ball! This idea comes to us via member @Outlaw


I think these are pretty genius myself but I would like to hear what you think. Maybe you have an idea as well?
I hadn’t thought of this and happy to say that I agree with you. What a novel idea!
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Aug 29, 2020
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I would check the recycling number on the ball (I think all plastic goods have them?) and look up that number to find out what kind of plastic it is. Assuming it's one of the several food-safe plastics, it should be reef-safe.

They are not, however, hamster-safe. Hamsters and other animals need to be able to run with their back straight, so they need quite a large wheel, and hamster balls are usually much too small to allow for that. Also, their little toes can get stuck in the slots, there isn't enough ventilation, they can't see out clearly, and there's potential for them to hurt themselves if they find any kind of a drop or someone trips over them. They're not a good way for small animals to get exercise. A large, safe wheel in the enclosure, an enclosure that's big enough in the first place (at least four square feet, with plenty of burrowing depth), and supervised time out in a rodent-proofed area are the best ways for hamsters and other little critters to get exercise.

How often do you have some type of algae issue?

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  • Once A Year Or So

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  • Never.....(are you lying?)

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