Adding Kessils to 36” T5 on 48” Tank


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Feb 17, 2018
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Mpls, MN
Currently running a 6x36 Sunpower over a standard 75g and I’d like to add a little light to get the ends and boost overall PAR. I am getting 300 PAR 8” below the surface running 3x B+ and 3x C+ bulbs with the fixture 6” from the surface. Any closer and I lose more coverage on the ends. This tank is 90% SPS.

My thought was add a Kessil a160 on each end at around a 45° angle toward the center of the tank. Will this get me any notable PAR at 24” from the fixture?

This gets me the hybrid route without spending $1000+ and settling for the cheap Aquatic Life fixture.

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