Algae Getting Out of Control - Ideas?


Eric Woodliff

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Mar 9, 2020
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Looking for some help in my Algae issues. I’ve had my Red Sea 250 (54gallon display) setup for 10 weeks now, the sand and half the rock were in my previous tank for an additional 4 weeks. Hard to tell from photos but it looks like diatoms on the sand and glass. I have to clean the glass at least once a day. The rocks are covered in a brown turf like hair algae that does not easily come off.

Parameters are Ammonia 0, Nitrites 0, Nitrates 10, unsure about phosphates until my checker comes. I don’t think I overfeed. I have a ton of flow. I run a huge skimmer rated for upwards of 200+ gallons. Just started a UV sterilizer. I run 1/2 cup carbon and 1/2 cup GFO.

I’ve had the issue since the beginning but got out of control when I added my two XR15’s. I don’t think it’s Dino’s because my emeralds, snails and Foxface nibble at it. Currently dosing Vibrant and Microbacter7

EF47450B-A6AA-45B0-A5B5-96652CDD7EF4.jpeg 8A40223A-C78A-4F01-83F6-BF5528C62C2C.jpeg 6176F547-C0AB-435F-83F2-7F90D91A4108.jpeg AF82F148-BD09-41B9-A95E-3FDFCFAFEFA0.jpeg 2384B4AF-6211-47BA-B85B-4FC766A70F7E.jpeg


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Jan 28, 2020
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Get a TDS tester as well, I was only using 3 stages of the 4 for some dumb reason. It was getting a 200 rating when you want it down near 0 as possible. The diatoms will bloom because they use the silicates in the water. Also, check your lighting settings. You might be having too long of a light period and thats why the algae is growing.


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Apr 20, 2019
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Dude your tank is 10 weeks old. Wait it out. If possible (no sensitive corals), consider shortening the photo period or cutting back on light intensity. In addition, you should consider getting an algae turf scrubber like a turbo aquatics model (I have one). A turf scrubber will probably help out quite a bit the first year or so. Whatever you do don't drop you nitrates or phosphates to zero or else you will likely get dinos and have a bigger problem on your hands.

I went through major algae issues for years and years with different setups, and I think a combination of time and a turf scrubber did it for me

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