1. D

    Algae identification

    Need help with the identification of this algae both the green one and the purple. Was using tap water but switched to RODI a week ago. Already had brown diatoms tank is two and a half months olds. Ignore the photo bombing cardinal
  2. O

    EMERGENCY Can Someone Please Help Me

    Hey guys but can someone help me identify this type of 'algae' ? It seems to be on some of my plugs as well as in my zoas.
  3. W

    Bacteria? Algae? Rip clean didn't fix it (need help)

    Hi! I have an IM lagoon 25 that has been running for about 2 years now. I have this weird fuzzy growth on the rock (for about 6 months, doesn't go away on its own). It only grows in the light so its photosynthetic. It has a brownish tinge to it but also can be closer to white. It doesn't grow...
  4. P

    Help Identify This Algae!

    Hey guys I need some help identifying 2 different kinds of algae in my tank. Here is some quick facts on my tank. Its a 75 gallon mixed reef only 4 months old but all of my corals are doing well. 2 months in I noticed what I thought was hair algae but now I'm not so sure. Its rapidly been taking...
  5. O

    Dino X and Cyano?

    About a month ago I determined I had a Dino outbreak. Started using Dino X and now after 6 doses my Dino is fading, but now there’s a thick maroon algae building up. I believe it’s cyano. Has anyone had this experience?
  6. Bigema

    Brown stringy algae on rocks

    I’ve noticed this type of algae that has rapidly starting to grow on the top of my rocks. Tank is almost 6 months old. Phosphates: 0.05 Nitrates: 5 Could I get an ID? And possibly a cause and a way to get rid. I’m also adding a new lawnmower blenny this weekend after being quarantined for 6...
  7. O

    New tank, 4 weeks later.

    Hi everyone, this is just an update on my tank 4 weeks in. I still have nasty diatoms, started getting alot of green algae. And it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon lol. My nitrates and nitrates are 0, and i use rodi water so i’m a little confused as to why they’re still here. I...
  8. P

    My Easy approach to Amphidinium dinoflagellates

    I have a 50 gallon cube, sump, sand, ATS, radion LED, Protein skimmer, my aquascape is fairly easy to remove in sections. My troubles with Dinos coincided with overzealous Iron supplementation and low nutrients. I lost many corals and anemones to the infestation. I am not sure if my approach...
  9. Ruvyn

    A sudden outburst of algae and i cant scrub it off!

    Hello fellow reefer! I'm super new to this hobby and started this tank. Want to know whats this algae and if its a good algae or a bad algae. Appreciate all the help I can get! And also while looking at the algae. Found some white bud. Not sure what is that too. Cheers!
  10. attiland

    Help I’d this algae please

    Hi all, It has come on a drag originally as just 2 leaf branch. I have kept it in the back of my AIO where it gets some light and it is doing really well sometimes I think too well but I have no idea of what type it is and if I should really avoid it. can you advise please?
  11. MileHighSeaLevel

    ID This Snot Please?

    Have some snot on the back glass, that's growing in an interesting pattern. It's ONLY growing on the glass, and both the turbos and nerites are eating it, so I don't think (fingers crossed) it's dinos. Some of the strings are nearly a foot long, but no bubbles. Where it's growing best is on the...
  12. JuliaRuss

    Algae ID, please? White fuzz/fine hair like algae on live rock

    Hi! A newbie hobbyist here. These white, fuzz/fine hair like algae appeared practically overnight on my rocks. Would appreciate some help IDing it. The tank (Fluval Evo 13.5G) finished cycling three months ago. current live stock: A RBTA A zoa frag An emerald crab A peppermint shrimp 2...
  13. N

    First time doing Refugium - competing algae?

    94Gal DT Trigger 30 Sump Tank is only a few months running After tank cycled, I added 2 clowns. A few weeks later a few snails / hermit crabs. Long term goal (1+ years) is to have a pair Mandarins to I wanted to set up refugium and start seeding with Pods. Initially added MarinePure block &...
  14. E

    Ultra life blue green stain remover

    I just purchased this to treat my reef tank but now that I read the pictures it doesn’t say reef safe, does anyone know if this is reef safe or safe for corals? I have used the red slime one but not this one I don’t know if it makes a difference or not
  15. JoshF7

    Another Algae ID Thread

    Yet another person in need of an Algae ID. I have reviewed things online, and I'm just not skilled in the art of ID apparently. I do have a microscope, but I'm not sure what areas need to be photographed that would help. So, here are some in-tank, on a white paper plate and then under a...
  16. R

    Algae, worm, snail or?

    Anyone have an idea what this is growing from under one of my zoas?
  17. F

    Advice on hair algae with undetectable nutrients

    Hi guys, I have had 0 nitrate/phos for a while now (salifert kits). It lead to a pretty messy Dino outbreak, I'm pretty sure I have now beaten the dinos through a combo of Refresh/waste away, siphoning through a filter sock, running only blue lights and HEAVY feeding. I have a 56G tank, and...
  18. O

    2 weeks into cycling tank

    Two weeks into cycling my tank, it’s never been uglier lol. Brown algae everywhere with hair algae sprinkled in. But my ammonia is below 0.02ppm and these are my current parameters tested with api salt/fresh 5 in 1 test strips. Question is, does it look like so good so far? I’m used to...
  19. sotsreef

    Dinos or Diatoms?

    Here is a picture, if needed I can post tank details but was gonna see if anyone could tell from just a photo. I’m talking about the brownish spots on the white dry rock.
  20. S

    What are these white round spots spreading across my live rocks?

    My tank is newly cycled. Sat up 2 weeks ago. It looks like the white dots are out competing the green/brown algae. Those rocks were white when I got them and were turning brown initially. What are they? Bacteria? Coralline? Just curious...
  21. wvfeefkeeper80

    Algae and more algae

    So, I’m coming up on a year in June for my first tank and there have been so many ups and downs. The one down I just can’t seem to shake? Algae. I’ve improved filtration, flow, removed stock, reduced feeding and light exposure (time and intensity). I just can NOT shake the algae. A couple...
  22. G

    Help me identify whats on my Torch

    So if you all can see on the photo- these tiny hair-like attached on the corals body/stem. I reAlly don’t know what they are. Please help. Thanks!
  23. O

    EMERGENCY Cycling/algae

    I’m currently a week into cycling my tank with live rock from a friends tank thats been established for years now, and a clown fish. And I noticed that my parameters are still down, ammonia etc.. but now i have all this algae growing. Is that normal?
  24. Jarbour88

    Freshwater dillema

    Hello everyone. I am pretty knowledgable with saltwater tanks but not so much with freshwater. My fathers freshwater tank has been having some weird issues, no matter how hard we try to increase the ph whenever we test it, its back below 6 (way too low), some fish have died from cloudy eyes and...
  25. Andrew Schubert

    Low PO4 but High NO3 help?

    I've been battling some cyano and turf algae pretty much since I've been in the hobby 2 1/2 years ago now. About 18 months ago I thought I found the end all solution...that being the Zeovit system. Ever seen then I've been running the full system (Zeo Stones, Carbon, Zeobac, Zeostart, ZeoFood...