1. I

    Algae, Cyano help

    Hello, I have posted about my Cyano problem but the algae problem is taken over. I’ve run my skimmer at 20 hours a day for a week now. I have 3 fish, 2 clowns and a gramma. red Shrimp and a star serpant And 7 soft corals. Is my next step turning off the lights for a few days? thanks
  2. ReeferWarrant

    DIY Drop Turf Scrubber for AIO

    So I'm trying to figure out how to make a turf scrubber for my 32 Biocube and I came across some cool things. I'm currently running the inTank media tray which is a must have in my experience with the tank. I have tried to make chaeto grow in one of the chambers and I think due to my own error...
  3. C

    What is this yellow stuff growing on my live rock?

    not sure what this is. It bloomed after a big water change. The tank has been up 8+ weeks and this came out over the weekend. The rock was curing for 13 weeks, started with a 2 week cycle of bleach solution then 11 weeks with just salt water changing the water weekly. Please help.
  4. S

    Mystery algae killing my corals?

    Hi everyone, First and foremost, here are my tank specs: Fluval Evo 13.5 AI Prime 16HD running BRS's AB+ schedule at 40%, mounted 9 inches above the water surface, and 20 inches above the sand. It is run at 40% intensity for 6 hours a day with a two hour ramp up and down. 10 lbs of live rock...
  5. Taykilps

    Terrible diatom outbreak

    I just got this tank from a friend about a month and a half ago and the diatoms just went crazy about 3 weeks after setting it back up. The tank has been established for well over a year. I got 2 oscelarous clowns a cleaner shrimp and a small goby, 5 astreas snail 5 nasarious and a few other...
  6. Soilbreaker

    Low Nutrient System and Algae Problem

    Hello everyone, I'm currently battling and algae outbreak since roughly 3 months. I just started a new nano tank at the beginning of the year - everything seemed great after cycling. However, currently there is an algae outbreak I can't seem to fix. First of some parameters of my tank...
  7. lazycouch

    please help me do a quick health check!

    i just purchased these zoas a couple days ago and was wondering if you can help me I.D any issues with them? they had bubble algae so i did a hydrogen peroxide spray 50/50 with water and now i’m thinking these little tentacles aren’t part of their anatomy either? i also noticed the algae on a...
  8. E

    Dino Outbreak

    Looking for some help in Dino problem I’ve had my Red Sea 250 (54gallon display) setup for 12 weeks now, the sand and half the rock were in my previous tank for an additional 4 weeks. Hard to tell from photos but it looks like dinos on the sand and glass. I have to clean the glass at least once...
  9. dimitriost

    Automating nano tank

    I have a fairly new 50 L tank (this is my first tank) and I might be going away for 4 weeks soon and can't really ask anyone to do water changes so I was looking at getting an auto top off and water changer. What do people recommend? What other equipment do I need if I'm away for a while? I...
  10. lazycouch

    best lighting for chaeto growth?

    i’ve read pure white does fantastic, blue and red, red only, no less than 50% red etc. what lights/ light spectrum do you guys recommend from experience? is the most effective factor for growth proper current? thank you!
  11. ReefSoup

    Algae Identification Help

    Hey all, Looking for some help identifying what's going on in the attached picture. I added my first corals about a month ago and while I'm getting new growth, I'm having a bit of an algae issue, especially on my zoas. It started off as a bit of what I assumed was just green algae on the frag...
  12. MidnightF66

    New to saltwater

    Hello, I'm extremely new to saltwater tanks. I have a 13.5g fluval tank its about 3 months old. All my water perimeters are all good, but I have had a algae bloom for the past week or so. I'm been doing small water changes (about 1g per change) every other day with distilled water (my nearest...
  13. R

    Brown *stuff* suddenly appeared and kills! Please help identify it / microscopic pictures

    Dear users, Suddenly out of nowhere my aquarium is covered with brown stuff. Snails died, and corals - especially polyps such as greenstar (which has been very thriving before), and zoa are retracted and seems to be very stressed as it is all covered by that brown stuff. It can be dusted off in...
  14. C

    Dino, hair algae? Need help with ID

    Hi everyone, Have some algae growing on my back wall for the past few weeks. Phosphates read 0.00 on hanna, so I'm thinking Dino maybe? Nitrates also around 5ppm What do you think?
  15. TroutWithLegs

    SPS dying because of algae?

    Hey everyone, im looking for some advice on treating algae growing ON my sps colonies. How can I treat it, how dangerous is it? How can I avoid it in the future. I've got three colonies it's really affecting. Two that had some kind of nuisance growth when I got them, one that didn't...
  16. E

    Algae Getting Out of Control - Ideas?

    Looking for some help in my Algae issues. I’ve had my Red Sea 250 (54gallon display) setup for 10 weeks now, the sand and half the rock were in my previous tank for an additional 4 weeks. Hard to tell from photos but it looks like diatoms on the sand and glass. I have to clean the glass at least...
  17. alimac122

    Nerites being bums

    Hey guys. I just added more nerites to my tank. Theyve been in about three days. I added them to try and tackle the diatoms and algae problem. However, the last two days they have almost all been in the top corner of the tank where the auto feeder is. Yesterday I took them off the glass and...
  18. Reefr

    Licmophora algae? (microscope picture)

    Hello Reef2reef members, I have some algae growing on pumps and a bit on rocks (well actually growing on top of other algae already on rocks). I first thought it is cyano as it is a bit red/brown and can look dusty but also sometimes with strings To further ID it, I checked it under microscope...
  19. Niels Verstappen

    Is this chrysofytes?

    Hey all, I’ve been struggling to eliminate and Identify this pls help
  20. ReeferWarrant

    Bryopsis Growing on Palythoa

    So, I bought a frag from a local reefer. The frag started growing bryopsis on the polyps so I did a Hydrogen Peroxide dip and it went away. Two weeks later the bryopsis is back and thicker.... About to try Flux RX but has anyone seen this or have any other tips to add? After I did the...
  21. Tristan

    Chaeto vs. Caulerpa. Which is more effective?

    So I’m sure a bunch of you have seen @Bulk Reef Supply ’s videos on chaeto in a refugium and their graphs of nitrate and phosphate over time. Does anyone have anything similar for caulerpa? Or, anecdotal evidence for caulerpa to compare against chaeto in terms of phosphate and nitrate réduction...
  22. KayKaytn

    Fluconazole for bryopsis

    Hi reefers. I posted this on the Bryopsis thread but I think because it’s such a massive thread that’s a couple of years old, no one saw it. So posting here in the hope that someone can answers me. So I started Floconazole treatment yesterday, and I was an idiot today and decided it was time to...
  23. Spearo

    Red Slimy Coraline Algae Problem

    Hey guys, I had this slimy red coralline pop up and growing. It seems to be competing with coral for . Checked all over and haven’t found too many things like it. Anyone have any experience with it? I was thinking about getting an urchin to try to knock it out. My nitrates are high and started...
  24. IAS

    Clean Up Crew Cheat Sheet!

    Hi everyone I am in process of building my own clean up cre for my new 120 mixed, and curious if anyone has knowledge or has a cheat sheet of what each type of clean up crew invert is good at. Specifically the differences in hermits and how they can help for specific algae or what snails are...
  25. R

    What’s on my rock!

    Hi fellow reefers, first post here, I’m just looking for a bit of advice - there is something covering my rock and wondered what it is! Any help would be appreciated!
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