1. S

    Hair Algae/Dino/etc?

    Hi all! I have a Fluval Evo 13.5 nano reef and recently I’ve been seeing this algae pop up despite me plucking it/trying to suck it out. Any help ID and treatment is appreciated. I have upped my water changes to 2 times a week which totals about 5 gallons per change (just about 50% my water...
  2. Clear Water Algae Scrubber CW-50

    For sale Clear Water Algae Scrubber CW-50

    Like New Barely Used Clear Water Algae Scrubber CW-50. I had this on my Red Sea 525XL and it worked great! Comes with a couple extra clips that hold mat onto spray bar.
  3. Schraufabagel

    Combating hair algae and "orange sand"

    I am currently struggling with hair algae and my sand builds up an orange layer a few days after each water change. I usually hold my nitrates between 3-8 and my phosphates between 0.05-0.15. My cleaning crew is made of astreas, nerites, nassarius, dwarf cerith, florida cerith, peppermint...
  4. S

    Brown/Green Algae ID?

    I’ve set up a new 25g tank and I’m going through the dirty stage. Got like this brown algae first thought it was diatoms however when I turned my LED to a more higher whites I’ve noticed that the algae looks green? Is this still diatoms? Picture is algae under whites, looks brown under blues. ⬇️⬇️
  5. Jaden9933

    Brown Growth on Euphyllia Cristata “Flesh”

    Every since I first got this Cristata from ChaosAquaculture, it has had some brown algae grown on the flesh, around the tentacles. The coral is otherwise healthy, growing, and even getting brighter colors. The problem is, the algae is growing with it. I have not encountered Brown Jelly Disease...
  6. WheatToast

    Can I Eat My Tank's Macroalgae?

    In all seriousness, is is it safe to harvest and eat macroalgae from my own aquarium, specifically members of the Ulva genus (and possibly Caulerpa lentillifera in the future)? Is there something they would contain after having grown in my aquarium that would make them inedible or would a...
  7. andiesreef

    Hair Algae Issues Won't Go Away

    I've been having hair algae issues in my 20g long for almost 2-3 months and I can't get rid of the stuff. My tank is about 8-9 months old. I've tried manual removal, more frequent water changes (and my nutrients are nitrates <20ppm and phos <0.25ppm, this is how they've been since the tank has...
  8. R

    Black punctate algae in FW tank?

    Hey everyone! So I have this freshwater tank that I've been taking care of for about 5 months now, which I inherited from former club members (tank is school property, I just do the feedings and maintenance). It has had a green hair algae problem for years now, but we manage it with weekly...
  9. C

    Algae build up and corals not happy

    Need some help been a bit confused and can’t wrap my head around this. I have a 30L innovative marine 30g AIO it’s been up and running for about 6 months. Recently I’ve had a bit of an algae break out and my corals don’t seem to be thriving (zoas not fully open.. etc) as they were before. my...
  10. O

    EMERGENCY Had Dinos, tried Dr Tim’s and now things are worse....

    Hi all, Long time reefer and big time user of Reef Aquarium Guide forums back in the day. Once I started college my mom sold all my tanks and I’ve only now just gotten back into the hobby. Anyway, started my first tank since 2008 back in January and everything was going fine until I moved and...
  11. I

    Nebraska WTB Nebraska - Premium Live Rock, small amount

    Looking to buy a few pieces of well-established live rock to 'seed' my new tank. Due to moving, I had to dismantle a tank that I had set up for 5+ years and would like to get set-up again. I picked up some live rock from my LFS to get started, but I'm looking for a piece or two of that good...
  12. ARTRN

    Algae ID ??? Pls help me out.

    I've had this algae few months back (did some googling but came up with no conclusion). Did fluconazole treatment for 3 weeks and they're gone. But in past week or so these things started to appear on some parts of rock. I don't wanna do another fluconazole if there's a more natural way. Would...
  13. O

    Name that Algae!

    We’ll here we are again with another episode of, “Name that Algae”! I apologize ahead of time for the terrible picture quality, but it’s the best I can do. It’s almost like a hair algae it’s dark green and doesn’t come off easily. This is also coupled with red slime. Best guess I have is Dinos...
  14. diamondreef

    Dino? Best way to treat?

    Just noticed these small silver balls and a reddish brown film .. more on the back of my rock. How do I stop this from spreading!?
  15. S

    What is this?

    Hey guys any help in identifying what kinda algae this is would be great. Also is it harmful or just unsightly? Any recommendations how to get it to go away?
  16. ClownFish664

    is this normal

    Ok guys, anyone want to tell me, is this just the normal ugly phase or am I doing something wrong here? Changed tank to white so you can see it better but I run a much bluer spectrum (Radions LPS template without moon light) Parameters are below Alk 8.4 Mag 1400 Cal 420 pH 8.2 No2 0 No3 1 Po4...
  17. NanoSeb

    HELP!!! No one knows what these are???????

    Weird mushroom looking things. Theyve been growing in that spot for a while. Not sure if bad or good or neutral?
  18. beehive124

    How do you get rid of diatoms

    I’ve had diatoms in my tank forever! They’ve never bothered my livestock, but just my eyes. So annoying to look at! Has anyone completely erraticated these guys? And if you have, how did you do it?
  19. A

    Not sure what to do next.

    Well, dinos. Specifically prorocentrum I’ve been dosing phosphate, H202, silicate, blackouts, manual removal through a filter sock, and feeding more. Also added phyto. I’m not seeing nearly the same numbers as I used to, and I’m getting some good GFA and diatom growth, along with a flowing...
  20. Alex C

    GHA or Worse?

    Hello! I am facing some type of algae that I’m having a hard time eradicating and properly identifying. But first some tank back ground. My tank is a Red Sea reefer 425xl. It has been running for 148 days. Up until last week my nitrates and phosphates had bottomed out to 0. As such I have...
  21. A

    Dinoflagellate relapse

    Some of you may know me, and unfortunately I am a recurring theme on these threads. School started for me two days ago, and since then I’ve had to wake up at 5:45. My lights are usually set to about 8:30 to 9:00, but they came on at 6:30. When I got home from school there were more...
  22. E

    Hairy brown growth, diatoms?

    Help! I’m getting mixed information about what this brown, hairy stuff is and how to get rid of it. I’ve also been told the bubbles are bubble algae but they’re not emerald or even green and I need to get rid of them. Can you help me figure out how to get my tank back into tip top shape?! I’ve...
  23. Shadowreefer

    Lighting Schedule question regarding algae growth

    Light: XR30 G2 about 10 inches above the water Tank: WB Peninsula Mini 15 Testing Kit: Hanna for both Phosphate and Nitrate Water: Rodi water with 0 TDS I don't think I overfeed because i get 0.01 in Phosphate and 0 in the Nitrate (I think I'm doing the testing right). I have to keep vacuuming...
  24. A

    Coralline algae removal

    Hey everyone, I have coralline algae growing on my front glass. I know that’s a good thing because my tank is mature and healthy but it’s also annoying because it’s so difficult to remove. My question is what would be the most effective way of removing it without an expensive blade or scraper...
  25. D

    Stringy algae growing out of control and hurting corals! Please help.

    Hello, so I have been into the reefing hobby for about a year and a half now and about 4 months ago I purchased this 30 gallon tank and cycled it, and placed a few fish and corals in. I am at about the 3-4 month mark and all of the sudden this strongly algae began to grow very quickly and in a...
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