1. Jarbour88

    Need help identifying and getting rid of algae

    I have brown dust algae on glass that looks like a diatom bloom but also green and purpleish hair/slime algae on live rock as well as what looks to be sea lettuce. Any ideas?
  2. B

    New Algae Issues

    Hi everyone, new to R2R! I have a Fluval Evo 13 reef setup with live rock, live sand, and “live” water. It has been running for a little over a month with 6 Scarlet Hermits, 6 Ceriths, 6 Astreas, 4 Nassarius, and 2 clowns. Everything has been great until the last week I started getting what I...
  3. 0utworld

    Unsure if dinos

    I've had my 20 gallon tank (LS/DR/RODI) for around 2 weeks and I've recently started getting brown growth (with stringly bubbles) on the sand and eventually the rocks. When it just appeared, I suspected dinos so I started overfeeding a bit and removed my chemipure blue. My nitrates and...
  4. S

    Newbie and algae question

    Hello, I'm new to the site. New to the saltwater hobby as well. Tank is about 2 months old. Waterbox 70g (45g top and 25g sump). I have 8 fish (2 mochavinci clowns, 3 cardinals, a flameback angel, royal gramma, and a lawnmower blenny). All seems to be going well. They all like each other...
  5. zalick

    Can you ID this algae under microscope?

    Any algae experts that can ID this algae under microscope? And to answer questions that will certainly come, no, at this point I won't post other non-microscopic pictures. Looking for purely a scientific ID, or as close as possible, based solely on the cellular structure.;Bookworm And for...
  6. Algae


  7. Eve

    Type of algae

    Hello guys, Can someone help me identify this type of algae? I have been trying and I can’t seem to find something similar! And can algae be the reason why my tank looks so cloudy? Parameters are perfect, but algae doesn’t want to go away! My foxface is eating some and the turbo snails too, but...
  8. S

    What type of algae is this (pic attached)

    Hi, I am new to saltwater, my tanks (29g) is established, I had seahorses in this tank for around 3 months. I am seeing some sort of light brown algae (I guess that's an algae). I googled a lot but couldn't find any algae which looks like that. Want to know if this is something harmful to the...
  9. M

    Brown slime growing ON ogo?

    Just got some ogo yesterday, today i woke up and theres brown slime algea growing all over it. Is this normal?
  10. Reefer37

    Web-like Algae

    Hey everyone! I've been reefing for only 3 months now, so still learning a ton, and I'll tell ya, I can't wait until I can sit down and actually enjoy my tank instead of obsessing over learning and trying to figure every single detail when things change. That's a side note though. :p So I've...
  11. B's Reef

    Need help with an ID...

    Well I’m having a little issue. Seems it has gotten out of hand pretty quick. Can you tell what this is from the pics? I don’t see any air bubbles at all, anywhere. So hoping not Dino’s. Was thinking Cyano but chemiclean isn’t doing anything to it.
  12. Stellywags

    BioCube 32 rock turning green

    Hi all new to the forums. I've searched a bit, but have not found quite what I was looking for. Or if I have it's been worse then the stage I'm at. But as my title states, I have a BioCube 32 that's been up for just about 3 months. It's been a month since diatoms have disappeared and all seemed...
  13. Gaoweihd

    Bubble-like algae spreading over the live rock

    They didn't catch my eyes until today, and they're all over the rock now. What are than and what can I do to get rid of them?
  14. Reeferjones

    Can anyone ID this

    I know the pics aren't that great but its the best o can do. this stuff is a over my tank. it reminds me off the floaty part of a dandelion.
  15. L

    New Tank - First signs of Algae

    My new Elos tank has now been up and running with fish for 2 weeks now. This morning I found the first signs of hair algae on the rocks. Is this all normal? It seems to be covering most of the rocks. The rocks (started with dry Marco) have been cycled in a Brute can for the past 10 months so...
  16. Hardy_Reef

    Refugium Assistance

    I'm having some difficulties maintaining macroalgae growth in my refugium on a system that has been set up for over a year. I'm using the built in refugium section of a Red Sea Reefer 350 v3 with a Zetlight E200S light set on a reverse 14 hour photo-period at 100% intensity. The chaeto has been...
  17. CodeReef

    HELP ME ;) Please! ID on problem algae

    Good day everyone! I started a new nano tank about 3 months ago and have been battling this problem algae that showed up about a month ago! And i cannot get rid of it! It is a 28 gal red sea reefer nano, I am running a protein skimmer and Chaeto reactor. Light cycle is 10 hours per day, 2 of...
  18. Michelesreef

    Algae i.d.

    Can someone help me id this algae? It's not hurting any corals. Nitrates are at 0.5. And also how to do i get rid of it? Should i just take it off with my hands?
  19. T

    Spaghetti like algae

    Hi can someone ID this algae please and let me know what eats it. It grew in conjunction with bryopsis butI am going to get reef flux for the bryopsis soon. This algae though is almost like chaeto but definitely not chaeto as I have a small refugium with chaeto and it’s not the same. If I look...
  20. Perpetual Novice

    Can I convert cyano to algae?

    I have a tank with consistently high nutrients. It’s not neglected but I do minimal maintenance and for the last while there has been mild amount of cyano persisting around the tank. No algae is growing. I know cyano and algae both thrive on high nutrients or poor water parameters but I’m not...
  21. BloopFish

    Need ID! Longest Algae Ever?

    I've never seen an algae this long. I'd say the longest strand is nearly a foot. Doesn't appear to be hair algae, more like a weird brownish clearish macroalgae of some sort? It's attached to the clamshell. Trochus and astrea snails simply eat whats growing on top of it.
  22. Jeff@CoralVue

    LAST DAY TO ENTER: Win an IceCap Algae Turf Scrubber!

    Today is the final day to enter for your chance to win an IceCap Algae Scrubber in the size of your choice! All you have to do to enter is sign up for our email newsletter.* Here's the link to do so: IceCap Algae Turf Scrubbers use...
  23. R

    Algae outbreak after goby introduction

    Hi everyone, hope everyone is doing well! I’m battling a green hair algae outbreak, I didn’t always have green hair algae but since I introduced my goby into the tank, it seems my algae has skyrocketed. Does anyone know if the unsifted sand being sifted for the first time since I set my tank up...
  24. L

    Ostreopsis and high nutrients

    Hello everybody Curretly i have a problem with ostreopsis, i bought a uv sterelizer and the ostreopsis was reduced currentrly i only can se the ostreopsis in the sand And i cant eliminate it. My nitrates are around 100 ppm and phosphates in .21 ppm. do you have some recomendation? My chaeto...
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