1. BloopFish

    Need ID! Longest Algae Ever?

    I've never seen an algae this long. I'd say the longest strand is nearly a foot. Doesn't appear to be hair algae, more like a weird brownish clearish macroalgae of some sort? It's attached to the clamshell. Trochus and astrea snails simply eat whats growing on top of it.
  2. Jeff@CoralVue

    LAST DAY TO ENTER: Win an IceCap Algae Turf Scrubber!

    Today is the final day to enter for your chance to win an IceCap Algae Scrubber in the size of your choice! All you have to do to enter is sign up for our email newsletter.* Here's the link to do so: IceCap Algae Turf Scrubbers use...
  3. R

    Algae outbreak after goby introduction

    Hi everyone, hope everyone is doing well! I’m battling a green hair algae outbreak, I didn’t always have green hair algae but since I introduced my goby into the tank, it seems my algae has skyrocketed. Does anyone know if the unsifted sand being sifted for the first time since I set my tank up...
  4. L

    Ostreopsis and high nutrients

    Hello everybody Curretly i have a problem with ostreopsis, i bought a uv sterelizer and the ostreopsis was reduced currentrly i only can se the ostreopsis in the sand And i cant eliminate it. My nitrates are around 100 ppm and phosphates in .21 ppm. do you have some recomendation? My chaeto...
  5. R

    What Kind of algae is this?

    Hi everyone, how all is well! Having some trouble with algae, can anyone help me identify what kind of algae I’m encountering and any tips on combating it? Thanks in advance :)
  6. AquaLocker

    Weekly Cleaner Pack Special - Save 71% on This Week's Cleaner Pack!

    ONLY $59.99 for 30 Astreas, 30 Blue Leg Hermits & 6 Red Nerite Snails! Limit 3 per customer:
  7. mario4933

    Dino’s Battle

    Alright Guys & Girls, like the title says I have encountered a new roadblock in the hobby. This thread will show you guys every step I take to battle this annoying pest and hopefully after I win this war you guys could look back to this thread to follow my steps and not make all the mistakes I...
  8. S

    Is this Dinoflagellates?

    20 gallon long Tank Parameters Ammonia: 0ppm Nitrates:0ppm Nitrites :0ppm pH:8 Alk: 11 Calcium:320(I'm new to reefing would appreciate advice onhow to get this up to 400 range too) Phosphate;0.1( added gfo and chemo pure, going down to 0.05) Tank inhabitants: Yellow tail damsel 8 hermit crabs...
  9. coralchiefreef

    The up and down journey of my 140 gallon reef

    Hey guys! Been a huge fan of R2R for a while now and thought it’s time to start documenting my tank on here. My system has been up and running for a little under a year and a half now and has recently been suffering from multiple issues (most of them being a direct result of stuff I did ). My...
  10. Emi2852

    Found odd white things on base of coral and frag plug

    When my Torch coral closed up for the night I noticed some odd white growths. (Not the white curly worms... I don’t know their name) but I’m wondering about the larger white tube like things. Sorry for the quality my phone refused to focus on the plug. Does anyone know what these are and if they...
  11. Zoaologist

    Nevada WTB Designer Macro Algaes

    Let me know what you have. I would need it to be shipped to Las Vegas, NV.
  12. BonelessEvil

    Scolymia turned brown

    shortly after I bought this Scolymia, it started to turn brown in some patches. Mind you, I've had the coral for months now and it hasn't died, but it doesn't look the gorgeous bright green that it did when I first bought it. Can I fix this? I've not had any brown algae issues in the tank, if...
  13. NoLobster

    No Lobster's Allowed 20 Gal Reef

    Build Thread and Journal! Start Date: 7/31/2019 Most Recent FTS: 10/5/2019 Hardware: Tank: Innovative Marine Nuvo 20 AIO Filters: 1 Media caddy (right now only carbon and filter floss in there), 1 200 micron filter sock, 15 lbs dry rock, 18 lbs live sand Heating: 150 W heater Cooling: AC...
  14. Perpetual Novice

    Advice on fish for algae control

    I have a 13 gallon tank full of zoanthids and some snails and hermits and a pistol shrimp goby pair. I’m looking to add a fish that is appropriate for a nano tank and will help reduce the algae. I wouldn’t say algae is a problem but snails don’t really seem to be doing anything about the hair...
  15. S

    The Best Algae Swamp Beast Face

    Who can do the best algae swamp beast face? On the left is my version, just to show you where the face is. You can take the one of the right and make your own version which will hopefully be better than mine. .
  16. NoLobster

    Algae ID and Recommended Next Steps

    Hey All, I added a frag to my tank and have noticed some questionable algae. Can you please help me ID. I will share 3 different patches of Algae so an ID on each one would be helpful. To me pictures 1 and 2 look like Bryopsis and possibly 3 as well. If so, should I be removing the frag and...
  17. NoLobster

    What type of algae is this?

    I got a rhodactia mushroom and this algae came on the frag. Any idea what this is? I just noticed it. I was going to remove the frag and scrub the algae off. It is stringy and stands up. I tried to remove it with tweezers in the water but couldn't pull it off.
  18. NoLobster

    What is on my Toadstool Leather Coral?

    These little green bands have developed on the stalks of my neon green toadstool coral near the tips. Pictures below. Originally it did not have those green bands around the stalks. They appeared within the last day or two. The coral has been in the tank about a month. No other corals are...
  19. wgowen13

    Culpera control in a reef tank.

    Culpera (feather-like) is starting to take over my 180 gal tank. It came from a coral that I removed from the frag plug in quarantine. I have yellow tang and a few snails. None are taking interest in the culpera. Are there other reef-safe fish or invertebrates that I should consider? Other...
  20. Nik Pagano

    Need help identifying and getting rid of growth

    Hi guys, for about maybe two weeks I’ve had thus brown stringy seemingly slimy like substance completely covering my tank. And I’ve tried everything just short of completely draining and bleaching everything. I have done a black out for about 2 day and nights. H2O2 dosing and soaking rocks and...
  21. T

    Please Id?

    Hello all, I have what seems to be chaeto growing off my rocks? I have a small refugium inside my sump in the back of my fluval evo 13.5; I’ve had some chaeto trickle into the display when I have the pump off (for feeding). I try cleaning it up as much as possible but I’m wondering if this will...
  22. Alex.M.

    Gone for a month, need help ID whats wrong!

    I was gone from my 40 gallon salt water tank for roughly a month due to personal reasons. It was kept at my parents house however they didn't do much besides add one cube of frozen food a day. All my animals are alive and acting well however (now that I am back), I've noticed a lot more...
  23. N

    What is this, and how do I control it.

    I have a grainy green algae growing on my sand and rocks. I can't find any information about this, nor what can be done to get rid of it. I've heard opinions ranging from it looks like a green diatom (which I can't find any info on), to it is a silicate based algae. The tank is running the...
  24. Bertbreaksnecks

    Fluconazole treatment

    So about I week ago I had dosed my tank for Bryopsis using the Fluconazole method, however my question is—- it has for sure started dying but the majority of it is actually growing on the glass, can I just scrape it off the glass and let the filter do it’s thing? It shouldn’t land and spread...
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