All for reef and Sulfur Denitrator?


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May 31, 2020
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After reading about how well Denitrators eliminate Nitrates in our aquariums, I very excitedly decided to purchase one for my tanks future needs as I anticipate I’m one of those “heavy in - heavy out” kind of guys.

Pretty early on I also was set on using All for reef for it’s ease of use and convenience.

After further reading and learning that denitrators have a thing for reducing alkalinity, I’m worried now that I’ll just be burning through my All for reef just to keep my alkalinity stable.

Any insight on what I could possibly expect if I did decide to use a denitrator and All for reef? Should I just put the denitrator up in the attic and wait for my future FOWLR tank haha?

I have also considered using Bacto-Balance (carbon dosing from Tropic Marin) - maybe that’s the better option for nitrate control in the tank?

@Randy Holmes-Farley I’d love your input.

Randy Holmes-Farley

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Sep 5, 2014
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Arlington, Massachusetts, United States
The denitrator complicates the dosing, and I think you'll need to monitor both calcium and alkalinity, and dose alkalinity with an alk supplement beyond the All For Reef used to maintain calcium.

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