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Nov 8, 2020
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Aurora, CO
Hey R2R Family! I am creating this thread to document my new foray into coral fragging and propagation. While I have only been in the reef hobby for a little less than a year, I have had so much fun and my addiction is full-blown. One thing driving my interest for the hobby is conservation of our world’s coral reefs through aquaculture. Thus, I am easing myself into the propagation world gradually, but my lofty, long term goal is to own a commercial propagation facility. This is where it all begins.

For this first frag build, I am trying to stay relatively budget-minded on equipment. Here is my current equipment list:

- Advanced Acrylics FT126 36x20x6” with hand polish and rounded corners
- AI Prime 16HD x2 lights
- Eheim return pump
- Eheim Trutemp 75W heater (x2 for redundancy)
- InkBird ITC-306T WiFi temp controller
- Hygger 1600 GPH wave pump (x2)
- Hygger ATO and Sapphire ATO reservoir
- Skimmer (TBD)
- Dosing system (TBD)

The tank arrived last week from John at Advanced Acrylics in California. I couldn’t be more pleased with the quality of the tank itself and John’s customer service was amazing, as well. Here’s how it looked when it arrived:


And here it is with most of the equipment and full of fresh saltwater. I also built a ”control panel” and wire organizer out of some extra material I had laying around. Letting it cycle right now while I wait for the other equipment to arrive.



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