Any good plumbers in the Nashville area?


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Mar 27, 2018
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We've decided that we'd rather just pay someone to replumb our setup rather than risk me doing it again and screwing things up and then having to do it again lol.

So now we're looking for someone that would/could do this. I can/will help and provide the materials but definitely need someone that has experience and expertise to do the design and install. We have a 75G reef ready with the corner overflow setup. IceCap 24 Sump underneath. I can take some pictures tonight and show how it is setup currently.

I'd love to do flex PVC for this and don't mind buying the pipe and hardware but I really don't want to buy the tools to cut it, crimp it, etc when I'll most likely never use them again. So if you have those, that's a plus! lol. Other option I guess is buying them and returning when done..
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