Apex ATK Bundle Package


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Mar 23, 2019
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Apex ATK setup with extras, it is version 1 with no problems and works great. It includes 3 extra optical sensors that were all being used in various configuration's, one was a water level sensor to turn of skimmer, one is on a 3d printed pump stand with optical mount to turn off the pump if ato res was low and it also opened up the ato solenoid to allow the resivor to be refilled. and 3rd was for a mixing station for awc. the atk is 18 months old and all sensor replaced after 12 months. This package includes the pump stand and the apex solenoid and a solid state leak detector probe. The end on the solenoid that plugs into the eb832 is missing a part of the clip but it still works and stays in place in the eb832. looking for 150.00 shipped for everything to lower 48. price for everything new would be over 300.00

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