Apex ( FMM issues again ) support less than stellar.


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Aug 19, 2009
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Eastern NC
I do not understand why Apex charged me for a FMM module since the newly purchased 1 was faulty.It wasn't even a week old. Apex closed the ticket out with the issue not resolved. I had to call back and again listen to apologies for dropping the ball. Apex support stating they were sending out a full complete ATK v2 but only sent another FMM module that again is doing the same thing .(not working ) Alarm sounds and it is not filling up and shutting down as it should .
My understanding is the kit should work as a standalone without the Apex which btw a Trident Kit , Apex system , DOS pump for AWC , trident 6 months supply of reagents. 3 rolls of tubing etc .. In a nutshell several grand for a system that has been nothing but a total train wreck !.
I ask for them to send out a calibration solution for the Trident since it hasn't been calibrated yet they said no problem . Did it show up ( nope ) not even an apology if the item was out of stock . I didn't even realize I had some on hand because the 2 month reagent kit comes with calibration solution . ( Again Apex could have told me this ) .JEEZ Louise,
I can say some is user issues but support from some people on the web is better than support from APEX .
The whole point is being away from the aquarium and to be able to automate as much as possible . I can't call Apex at the coastal home due to poor cell service in an attempt to TS . I am just frustrated. The only item that I can say has worked is the AWC set up . I don't know why the program does not stay in the programmed time from for 2 pm to 7 pm but I guess it can't pull 2700 ml of water in that allocated time frame .
That is the pnly part of the Apex that seems to work correctly . I think I am better off with a JBJ auto top off .. At least I know that auto top off works just fine .. It uses a good old float switch . The good old KISS principle.

Just checked and this nonsense has been ongoing since this thread below was started . HMM May28th !

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