Aquaforest OceanGuard 605 - Fully Powered By Aquaforest



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Nov 24, 2021
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New Jersey/New York
This has been a long time coming and excited to finally get this thing up and going. This is an @Aquaforest OceanGuard 605 Dark Grey which is a 160-gallon system with 114-gallon display. I have been using Aquaforest products since I started my 65-gallon tank about 1-5 years ago. I am now happy to have the Aquaforest tank with all the Polish Power it comes. I currently have two other tanks, which this tank is acting as an upgrade to my 65-gallon tank. Plan is for this tank to turn into an LPS/Softy tank with Rock Flower Anemone and a decent fish stocking. I will be using all Aquaforest products on this tank from Day 1 and will stick with them as not only do they provide amazing products, but their customer service is top notch.

Tank: Aquaforest Oceanguard 605 - Dark Grey

Return Pump: Sicce SDC 6.0
Lighting: 2x Ecotech Marine XR15s Pro
Wavemakers: 2x AI Nero 5
Heaters: Inkbird Controller + 2x 250W Eheim Jager
Media Reactor: Aquaforest 90 + Sicce .5 Pump

Aquaforest Starter Kit: Bio Fil, Bio S, Fish V, Components ABC, Carbon, Test Kits, etc.

Sand: 3 bags of Aquaforest BioSand
Rock: 2 boxes of Aquaforest Rock
Cement: Aquaforest Stone Fix
Salt: Aquaforest Reef Salt

Power strip: Tripp Lite 7 outlet

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