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Jul 9, 2022
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Hello everyone, my name is Mark and I was wanting to share my current 120g build. I first started the hobby with a 20g, and I did not think i would last this long (hence the r2r name), but I actually started to enjoy the hobby more and more and after learning the bare bones basics I decided to invest in a 120g tank.

First think I want to mention was this tanks initial conditions: I brought this tank used from a guy who had it 15 years prior from me for 650$ for the tank, sump, and most equipment, and liverock.
The tank was really dirty, which was no problem as it was just a citric acid bath away from being clean. I noticed some scratches when I went to pick up, but I decided to proceed anyways, as I was excited to have a big tank anyways, and for the most part, I feel like I am happy with the purchase. While cleaning, I found the overflows full of bristle worms, which started rotting as I was taking them out and they smelled to high hell.

I decided to proceed with the build. The stand was repainted and reinforced, and the the plumbing was put in with the sump.

The protein skimmer seemed to work, which I felt was uplifting, as I put a lot of work and elbow grease into the tank. The wave makers that came with the tank did not work, so I decided to replace them with Jebao wave makers.
I started to fill the tank with saltwater once i made sure it was leak proof.

I then put in the rockscape:

and then tweaked it a bit in order to have more surface area on rock for coral growth and more caves for fish to hide into. I proceeded to insert corals after the cycle was complete, which did not take long at all. I decided to upgrade my lights, and so I went with the choice of radions. Unfortunately i am on a budget, and am constantly looking for the radion gen 4s that i can afford, and will update the thread if i manage to find them. anyways, I decided to use what I got for now.

I also added in some chaeto to start a refugium, along with some unwanted zoas with some freshwater plant lights that can go on the red setting (fluval smart 600mm), and im still learning more about refugiums, and am thinking of getting a tumbler.

After a long while, I decided to get some fish, and I currently have:
Melanarus wrasse, Hippo tang, Foxface rabbitfish, Engineer goby, and a scooter blenny that eats mysis. I cant get a good picture of some fish but I will post what I got so far, and edit it as I go on. (note that the white spots scared me that it was ich, turns out it was sand.)

So far, that is all I got for my build, as I grow out the tank and upgrade I will report new progress, I can post some cool coral shots in the comments as to not get in the way of the tank thread, thanks for reading!
Edit: I just wanted to mention that this was progress over the course of almost 2 months of research, cycling, and planning.
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