Assistance with my first zoa garden


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Nov 16, 2017
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So attached is an image of my first attempt at a zoo a garden. All of these frag‘s were roughly similar in size when I glued them to this rock. They’re all growing at completely different rates, with really different behavior. You can see that a couple are going through the umbrella syndrome, the orange one in the middle is exploding beautifully, and the dark blue one beside the orange one is generating a lot of heads but they’re super small and aren’t opening up fully.

does each zoa have a different light preference? What are best strategies for determine zoa compatibility when creating a zoa garden?

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Apr 4, 2020
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Hi! My favorite strategy is isolating frags on a frag rack at the level I want the garden at (so if the rock sits 5 inches above the sand bed I would match that height with my rack). I leave it there for a couple weeks/months and record how much the zoas grew (like week 1- Bam Bams +2 polyps, week 2- Bam Bam +2 polyps) so I record how fast each one grows. During this time you also figure out if that’s a good light level for the zoas you want to make a garden out of and you can rearrange the frags on the rack to figure out which ones look good next to each other. Works really well for me and I know exactly what I’m getting into before I commit to them on a rock :)

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