Before and after Nano water testing. Let’s see what neglect does.


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Jul 15, 2023
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Let’s get a real time look at what a small pico tank looks like if you neglect it and don’t do your regular water changes. I’m going to test it today with my Hanna and than do a 50% water change, wait an hour and check again.

I’ve been pretty busy at work and haven’t done a great job taking care of my office tank. All I’ve been basically doing is occasionally replacing the filter floss and topping it off. I feed the fish a tiny pinch of pellets each day and clean the glass. But I have not done a water change in quite a while which is pretty vital on a little tank with fish. Last one was about a gallon maybe a month ago.

Here’s the details on the tank. It’s a deskmate and for filtration it has filter floss, chemipure blue, and purigen. It’s has plenty of both of those. Overpowered really. Under that it has marinepure gems. and it's lit by a Kessil A80 and a controller. It has an Eshoppe Nano Skimmer and the powerhead is a Jebao SLW3

For livestock:
Nearly naked Ocellaris clown
Yellow goby.
3 blue leg hermits
3-4 nassarius snails

Three heads of toxic hammer- losing two heads
Small colony of Purple People Eater Palys
Three acans
1 small favia frag
Holy grail micromussa
1 button scoly encased in rock and covered in unknown zoas
4 heads of Blue Ice Zoas.

The next post will be the pre-change water parameters. Only thing I’m going to do before the next test is frag off the bad hammer heads.

Pre Water Change Parameters
Sal: 1.025
Nitrite: .1
Nitrate: 15.5
Phos: .12
Ammonia: .2
PH: 8
Alk: 6.4
Cal: 600+ (pretty sure I botched this test but I'm saving the reagent for the next test because Im super low)
Mag: 1360

Post Water Change Parameters -
Waited one hour, changed filter floss. Did a 50% water change than tested

Sal: 1.025
Nitrite: .1
Nitrate: 3.4
PH: 8.5
Alk: 5.2
Cal: 600
Mag: 1400

After this test I ran Cal check on the tests and they all pass. Interesting that it didn't budge even a small amount the Nitrite or Ammonia but the Nitrate was dropped significantly. Corals all look happy, even the hammer I fragged earlier looks OK.
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