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Oct 15, 2009
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So with the introduction of bluer and even more bluer lighting it’s no surprise that we are gravitating to corals that looks significantly better under these spectrums. I will admit I kind of internally fought the blue light/tenius wave as I saw it coming often scoffing at ultra blue pics with my ‘halide purest” ethos in full swing…… but…….. you know well yeah you all definitely know. In fact, I’m the one who’s late to this party. But again, you know what? Truth is I'm sorry dudes, I can’t help but agree that these things just look awesome when you drown them in deep blue lighting. And as the wild collectors have gotten wise to this, they too have been using blue light as their barometer allowing for the discovery of more and more impressive-looking sps. It's a beautifully mutual relationship.

Now it’s not like I didn’t realize this back when the Disney hit the scene. But I think many of us just didn't understand the idea behind brutalizing a coral with blue to literally transform it into something way different than it looks like "normally". And I know Mike B took a lot of slack at first for his representation of his original Disney. There was a change brewing in the mindset of reefers especially newcomers to the hobby that I really feel has more to do with the popularity of led lighting, specifically the acceptance of much bluer spectrums. So much to the extent that most reefers nowadays have never seen anything else. Led, specifically ultra-flattering blue is what we know now and anything whiter just doesn’t look as good by comparison. And I totally understand this. 100%. I know there is still a fleeting brigade of purists out there who will never “see the light” with regards to shockingly blue tanks, but let's not kid ourselves, we all still flocked to a "bluer bulb". From actinics to radium 20ks. So this drive to experience more fluorescing was still there whether we care to admit it or not. So the question is then, why would we illuminate our tanks to create an otherwise aesthetically “dull” effect when we want to experience our coral at its best? Deep blue spectrums have shown us a world of coral that was invisible to us before we used it. And that my fellow reefers is the magic of blue led in the hobby.

If you're still with me, I guess what I am trying to say is I am seriously blown away by the new wave of Acropora that have been finding their way into people's tanks. And while sifting through subtleties of different colored, but very similar rainbow tenuis is a lot like the Zoanthind thing to me lol, I get it now. I totally do. And I think most people are coming around on this one as well but some old-schoolers may hate me for saying this. The way I see it is if they look this good under heavy blue then that's what we should give them. Simple as that. This is really not a new idea. Now photographing and accurate representation in this new realm is a whole other topic for another writeup perhaps...

Anyway. The only way to really survive in this business is to observe and understand the inevitable changes that come and go and to adapt and adopt new ways of doing and thinking about how things are done. To sort of celebrate this not-so-newfound revelation I am going to do one of those “hey look at me “ threads showcasing all of my Fancy Tenuis, new and old for all to see and admire. If you have one from me please feel free to contribute as well. Essentially, all that hoo-dee-doo I just spattered is a way to validate me doing an "eye candy" thread lol. So here we a go-go! A few are on the site already, a few will be soon and there will be many many more to come and I am currently growing out a literal trove of these things so stay tuned for more!

BC Julius Lightning

Bette Midler as........................................................................The Ringmaster


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Special K

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Nov 14, 2018
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Wow hopefully you will have some of these left or other “fancy tenuis” when I’m ready for my box to ship. Simply Amazing Adam


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Jun 30, 2016
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Is that pink in your rainbow brite? That's a color I haven't seen develop in mine.
That's the trick of blue light pic and some lightroom editing.

Here's some better ones I took tonight of BC Rainbow Brite
My normal lighting (T5+LED)

increased blues (w/ filter)

full blue (w/ filter and lightroom WB to max)


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Jul 4, 2018
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Good looking stock Adam! It takes a big man to admit to there mistakes! Haha your corals look amazing under ANY lighting but the blue just do that certain something. Being old school it was a hard sale at first but after a while I am still amazed at life and how these animals can be so dang colorful! I would love to see a tank where the whole front pane is a magnifier! The worst part of these amazingly colored and shaped critters is having to look so close to really see the beauty of the structure and polyps. Standing in front of the tank my SCOP looks cool but it’s not till you break out the glasses that you can really appreciate the subtle structure. I have so many that if you look close enough the blue lights make the skin sparkle and shimmer like a high end pearlescent automotive paint. The whiter lighting never brings that out. It’s amazing and I am totally jealous. I wish I got fluorescent and sparky when I got a tan.

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