Building my 1st saltwater aquarium, 225g


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Aug 3, 2017
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Welcome Aboard!!

The 225 is a great size tank for a reef.
A 90 would be nice also, but going from 18 inches to 24 is a Huge difference for your aquascape and for your fish.
This is going to bring you years of joy, and it sounds like you two are taking your time, researching and planning ahead of time. All of which are essential to success.



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Sep 29, 2018
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Hey guys! So happy that I have found this forum. My husband and I are scuba divers that became interested in bringing the ocean to our home here in hot North Central Texas. 19 months ago, we purchased a used setup from our LFS (3hrs away in Dallas, TX). I voted for the 90g setup, but my husband was much more ambitious and chose the 225g instead. It is a gorgeous setup, but it has taken us awhile to get everything arranged for setup. We live in a really old home in the country, and had to have the floor braced to hold the weight of the aquarium, electricity run to the spot where the tank was going to sit, and have spent time gathering the details, research, and equipment we have needed. NOW IS THE TIME FINALLY! We are just waiting on one replacement plumbing part to get the tank replumbed with new pipes and then comes water!! I am so extremely excited and can't wait to learn all I can.

The pictures attached are the tank before we started working on it. I will update with future pictures as we make progress. Hope to have saltwater and rock with everything running by next Friday!! :)

IMG-3667.jpg IMG-3660.jpg
Welcome to R2R and to reefing. Your tank looks great and will be fantastic when complete with fish etc.

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Oct 4, 2019
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Welcome! You mentioned that you were going to add live rock. May I suggest that you go with dry rock. There are many options out there from plain white to rock that is painted/coated to look like the real deal out of the box. This allows you to set up your scape dry, look at it for a few days and make any changes you may like. Also no risk of hitchhikers and possible phosphate spikes from die off in a new tank often make dry rock a better choice. You can seed the algae and bacteria strains that you want and in a short time it will be no different than using live. Just food for thought.
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