Carbocalcium and pH

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Apr 12, 2019
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An update on this my pH is seems to really only be .08-.2 lower but I really think that my pH meter was not calibrated as well as it could have so honestly I would ignore my anecdote.

BUT. My coral qt which does not get dosed all for reef has a higher ph (usually 8.3 rather than 8.22 or 8.01 ish which I get on the display). This coral qt is in a basement with a hob filter so I can't imagine aeration is very great down there.

I also want to clarify I am not criticizing all for reef as I greatly enjoy the DIY method. It plus extra supplementation of trace elements (potassium in particula). Dosing an average of 1 thing a day is much more convenient than the previous 3-6 I did before
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