Clarifying R2R's Family-Friendly policy: Please refrain from Profane/Vulgar words, terms, and topics.

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Nov 18, 2012
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Hi everyone,

We want to take a moment to clarify R2R's rules regarding profanity & vulgarity. Put simply, use of profanity and vulgarity are not allowed on R2R. We work hard to ensure that R2R is a family-friendly forum, a place that is comfortable for hobbyists of all ages and backgrounds. In order to keep R2R family-friendly, we ask that reefers use words and terms that are appropriate for all ages.

Now, we certainly realize that what is considered to be "profane" or "vulgar" varies from person to person, and what one person finds offensive may be common expression to someone else. However, our staff has to make the determination of what is in line with this policy. Therefore, we do ask that you avoid not only those words you find offensive, but also refrain from words that others may find offensive as well. In the event that you use a word/term that is deemed not to be family-friendly, it will be removed.

Additionally, as a part of this policy, it is necessary to address the use of "Masked Profanity/Vulgarity." In case you're unaware of what "Masked Profanity/Vulgarity" is, it's the use of keyboard symbols or misspelling of a profane or vulgar word. It's generally used as a way to get around the site filter on forums. This is regarded in the same way as the use of profanity/vulgarity. It isn't allowed on R2R, and so it will be removed.

Lastly, some words/images/topics are not allowed on R2R because of the themes being deemed not to be family-friendly. There are some topics that are occasionally raised that are not allowed because the nature of those themes is deemed not to be suitable for reefers of all ages and/or backgrounds. These posts/discussions will be removed from view in order to keep the content on the site suitable for everyone.

We also want to point out that we realize that many times when the words/terms/topics are used on R2R that violate this policy it isn't intentional. Knowing this, we don't typically take any action beyond editing a post of any terms that are not family-friendly. The only time that any adverse action is taken on someone's account is when the use of profanity/vulgarity is intended to be either 1) hostile toward another member or 2) in cases where this is a persistent problem and someone refuses to abide by site rules.

We appreciate all of you as members of our community, and we thank you for helping us keep R2R family-friendly by abiding by the rules set in place here. You guys and girls are awesome! You are the reason that Reef2Reef continues to be the great place that it is. Thanks for respecting one another and making this a fun and hospitable place to enjoy our hobby!
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