Coral Colors: How do you keep your colorful corals colorful?

Is it HARD or EASY for you to keep your corals colorful? (check all that apply)

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    Votes: 450 61.4%
  • SPS Easy

    Votes: 171 23.3%
  • LPS Hard

    Votes: 125 17.1%
  • LPS Easy

    Votes: 489 66.7%
  • Zoas Hard

    Votes: 77 10.5%
  • Zoas Easy

    Votes: 485 66.2%
  • Soft Corals Hard

    Votes: 63 8.6%
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Apr 11, 2016
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Since I am a firm believer that talking to plants makes them grow faster and have richer colors, I tried this with my corals and they have responded well. The fish seem to like it too. They also respond well to classical music I play when I am not at home. Much deeper colors and increased polyp extension.
This gonna sound crazy but mine have their own sound system , with 2 techniques and a microphone ta boot , amp and PA , I play alot of Electronic music, and classic stuff rock , classical , ect. Kinda like that guy fron the Cheech and Chong movie , I guess I always believed it too , treat them like you want to be treated , I believe they are sentient 1000% and believe this is a large part of my prolific growth / colors/ extension. But I also am a doser from Waaaaaay back I do the Redsea 4 part colors , Iodide in addition, manually dose everything , and also feed alot of varied food , polyp labs extender , and roids, also Reef energy A/B everyday with the skimmer off for a 6 hours period for nutrient uptake. I have a weird little system and it works for me and the coral , so Im cool with that. Who can ID the monti in the back right ? :)



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Aug 9, 2017
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Stamford, CT
If a frag is not doing well after a couple weeks it needs to move. Possibly up or down for different light and flow. Possibly chemical warfare. I still can’t grow acros, montis, setosa
I broadcast Brightwell Microvore twice a week. Great feeding response.


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Feb 24, 2020
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I feel like flow/lighting has alot to do with it. Nutrients seem to not matter as much as far as I've noticed. Stable alk/calc/trace/mag all probably play a factor. I have 2 pieces of Walt Disney acro in my tank, both in separate locations and I've noticed that they both look completely different. One has high flow and high lighting about 360 par, the other has just slightly less of both about 320 par. They look completely different tho, one has encrusted the rock and has about 15 new growth branches, the other has about 3 new branches but has polyp extension. The one in lower light/flow has way more Color than the one near the surface. I feel like placement and par might have a benefit on color also, I dose amino acids 2 times a week and I believe that helps alot. So basically I feel like there's endless reasons for color fading, is it light or flow? Is it not enough of something in the water? Who knows, maybe try moving it around based on the par requirements and see if that helps the color first. Then go to flow, flow is very important, they need to release toxins to produce the colors.

Do you believe the benefits of a UV sterilizer to be a Myth or Reality?

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