[Corals Anonymous] End of Summer Clearance Sale! Up to 70% off select livestock - Ends Sept 28!

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May 13, 2020
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Yorba Linda, California
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Happy Friday! Join our end of summer clearance sale with new selections and old favorites!

Click our banner above to head over the collection!

Free shipping for orders over $299.99 to CONUS!
15% off for Military, medical and first responders as well through Govx ID.

DM, call, or email us with any questions - Mahalo from your friends at Corals Anonymous!
Aquarium Specialty - dry goods & marine livestock

How have you used eggcrate in or around your aquarium?

  • Aquarium lid

    Votes: 87 30.1%
  • Frag rack

    Votes: 145 50.2%
  • Skimmer stand

    Votes: 86 29.8%
  • Sump Divider

    Votes: 60 20.8%
  • Other (please describe in the discussion)

    Votes: 42 14.5%
  • I have not used eggcrate in or around my aquarium

    Votes: 75 26.0%