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Mar 26, 2021
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Let me preface this by saying, I've (willingly) worked for lawyers for almost 20 years, so I think that pretty well establishes that I have a tendency to make bad decisions from time to time. :D

LFS had a Pakistani butterfly for about 4 weeks. We kept our eye on it and would check it out on our weekly visits. No spots, eyes clear, not shy, no flashing, eats like a PIG, etc. So about 10 days ago I break down and let the hubs buy it. Owner and employee of LFS took about 20 minutes to catch/bag him. I was worried it might stress him out too much, but decided he was healthy enough to handle it. We get him home, drip acclimate him, and put him in the tank where he hides for about 2 hours, but then is out and about. (Enter the people screaming about not QTing. Was it a bad decision on my part? Clearly, otherwise I wouldn't be posting this thread. I acknowledge that I could have made better choices, as can be said about many of the things in my life, but I didn't and I can't undo it now.) We name him Hank. Hank is in a RS350 with live rock, and some zoas, palys, leathers, and GSP. His roommates are Larry (Desjardini sailfin), Roger (coral beauty), Daryl (tomini tang), Jimmy (orange line chromis), and Walter (cleaner shrimp). I was a little worried that Hank and Larry might have issues with one another at first, but to my surprise, they are best mates and get along swimmingly (no, I'm not a dad, but I can tell jokes like one.) Anywho, everyone is getting along and all are eating like they are 16 year old boys. A few nights ago hubs noticed that Hank had a few white spots on the very edge of his tailfin. I told him not to freak out and that we would just keep an eye on it. Well, last night as I was feeding them, I noticed that Hank still had the few spots on his tailfin, but that Larry also had spots and looked a bit "dusty" on his sides. As far as I can tell, Roger, Daryl, and Jimmy look perfectly fine.

So, we obviously have some bad little boogers in the tank. My guess is crypto. Here's my question - is there anything I can do to treat these two without having to remove them from the tank? I fear that trying to catch them would only make them more stressed. I have been told by someone who works at a local aquarium that when it comes to crypto in a display tank, if you can't easily catch the carriers, the best you can do is just try to keep them healthy and fed. And to pray to the fish gods. Lots and lots of prayer. :D I'm just wondering if anyone on here had any other recommendations.

Did I screw up by not QTing? I think that's quite obvious, but my time machine is down for repairs, so I can't go back and do it differently.

Am I going to meet the LFS owner by the flag pole at 3 p.m. for a thrown down? Possible, but with the exception of a powder brown that kicked the bucket, everything else he has sold me has been healthy, quality stock. Plus, I mean, it was a PBT. It's entirely possible that my neighbor across the street looked at him wrong thru the bag when I brought him home and he decided he was going to have some dramatic death.

If anyone has any ideas that don't involve me removing them from the tank, I'm all ears. Or should I just start digging their little fishy graves in the backyard?


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