Cupramine api general cure quarantine

Lee belk

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Dec 25, 2020
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Just after Christmas I lost all my fish but a naso tang to velvet maybe ich but I'm sure it was velvet so I have left my tank fallow to eradicate it i purchased all the fish I lost and I have completed the treatment of seachem cupramine at a consistent therapeutic level for 30 days mid way I realised my yellow tang had a pinched stomach so i purchased api general cure to treat for main diseases
I dosed it two days ago and now I see it taking effect with passing worms I have seen a difference in all my fish they are all looking happy and feeding very well I'm going to wait 5 to 7 days to dose gc again as humblefish suggests would I benefit using antibiotics to give these fish the best health before I add them back to my main display after the 90 day period I did see two white things on the pectoral fin of my yellow tang that looked like rice mid way in but I just assumed that it was flukes because they was still in copper I'm now to remove the copper with water changes after the next dose of general cure is complete would anyone suggest any other treatments

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