randy holmes-farley

  1. JackerVenom

    Alkalinity/ph help

    Alright here it goes! I just bought an apex a couple days ago (This is relevant later) I had been dosing/ testing alk with my Hanna checker for a couple weeks. I’ve been dosing 0.2ml after the lights go off and my alk stays at 7.4/7.5. I would like to raise my to around 9 since that’s where my...
  2. WereAllNegan

    Eggs on my Zoas

    Hello friends, So last night I decided to take a look at my Dragon Eye Zoas after lights out and realized I have what looks like brown eggs of some sort all over them. I remember seeing them when I got the frag a month ago but being new to this hobby (and having poor eye sight) thought it was...
  3. L

    Cupramine api general cure quarantine

    Just after Christmas I lost all my fish but a naso tang to velvet maybe ich but I'm sure it was velvet so I have left my tank fallow to eradicate it i purchased all the fish I lost and I have completed the treatment of seachem cupramine at a consistent therapeutic level for 30 days mid way I...
  4. B

    Sodium Metabisulfite, is it bad?

    So my tank alkalinity is in the higher range so i decided to reduce it with Sodium bisulfate. But the guy at the chemical shop has given me Sodium Metabisulfite. I didn't notice the error till much later. So i used this and my Alkalinity is about 11 now. it was in 12 range. I'm targeting at 8.5...
  5. Brian barranco

    Silicate dosing in a doser

    Hello. I’m setting up a 1 doser for silicates . I have 1L containers. Should I dilute water glass with rodi water ? How much should I dilute & dose inside a 5 gallon tank (without measuring rock.) I have my rodi water station so my water doesn’t have silicates. Plz don’t ask why. Thanks have a...
  6. Brian barranco

    Silica gel

    Can I use Silica gel to dose silicate In reef tank?
  7. Luckyduck

    What Trace elements should I buy?

    So I'm just getting started with my tank. Still cycling but getting my additive supply stocked up. I plan on keeping SPS & LPS. I want stunning corals (who doesn't) but I really want to focus on dosing some chemails I have not used in the past to help achieve optimal results. I have a 15 gallon...
  8. L

    What mag can I use for Randy’s recipe?

    Hi all, Using Randy’s2 part recipe I can’t find the magnesium chloride hexahydrate sold by the Dead Sea works company. What other options do people use? Thanks!
  9. A

    Na3PO4 Dosing. Can I use the attached?

    Na3PO4 Dosing. Can I safely dose the attached? Some background info: I am running a new lightly stocked tank with some small LPS which is +-4 months old. I ran into some nasty issues and discovered Nitrates @ 0 & Phosphate @ 0 several times using a Red Sea test kit. During my journey switched...
  10. M

    2 part dosing - help

    Hello Randy, i wanted to ask you about your #2 2Part, since it is in cups and Gallons. i want to make the mix in 2 Liter container i do not have a better opition. how can i do it exactly to have the mixed balanced. and the part of the magnesium how much grams to mix? i am attaching 2 pictures...
  11. yepreef

    What is SN and how is it affect your tank?

    Hello y'all, So i got a triton test result back today with high level of SN, so as the tittle says my question is what is SN and how is it affect your tank and how to get rid of that? Thanks
  12. Reeferdood

    ORP and pH daily dips

    At precisely 2:45 every afternoon I get a sharp dip in ORP & pH as seen on the Apex. I use 2 Dos pumps that dose Calcium and Alkalinity and the other does transition elements and Acro power. None of the pumps are dosing at that time in the day as checked in the apex log. Does anyone have any...
  13. dangros

    Is it feasible to add kalkwasser to the saltwater reservoir?

    Since my calcium reactor cant seem to keep up with my alkalinity needs, would it be feasible to dump some kalk into my saltwater container? I've implemented automatic water change of about 7500ml/day. Would there be issues like clogging the lines, burning up my DOS, screwing up the chemistry?
  14. Night Reefer

    Lime Soda for co2

    Randy I notice my used Lime Soda I used that was purple turn back to white when sitting out overnight. I didn’t have time to toss it so I left it out in an open container. Does this mean it can rejuvenated itself by sitting out?
  15. WhiskyTango

    Could Teflon Tape Prevent Skimming

    Two weeks ago I replaced a broken needle wheel shaft on my skimmer. While I had the skimmer taken apart, I put Teflon tape on the venturis’s threads to prevent micro bubble escape. So now, loads of bubbles but no skimmate. Could the tape be releasing compounds that are preventing foam production??
  16. Kevinkmk

    Two part unbalanced issue

    hi everyone, I have notice recently when I added same amount of two parts (dosing pump checked), my alk is descreaing and cal is increasing. Any thought? Week 1 Alk 7.7 ( correct back to 8.5 by dosing 30ml of alk) Cal 460 Week 2 Alk 7.7 Cal 470
  17. cwb_reeftank

    High Alk?

    I just tested my Alk and it came up 12.2 dKH, I normally run it at 8.0 and it stayed there up until the middle of November. I did a water change with red sea salt and I turned my doser to 2ml every other day and that was about two weeks ago but now like I said before 12.2, before the water...
  18. dangros

    Odd drop in Alkalinity

    Why am I seeing such a low measure of Alk? I measured it at 5.6 today. The Alk was struggling to stay over 7 the last 2-3 weeks. Last year, I had to watch things or the Alk would jump over 10! I'm running a calcium reactor AND a Kalk reactor so this really made me scratch my head. I've...
  19. Tileboss

    ICP-Analysis Results

    Hello Everyone, What a great forum! I received my test results back from ICP- Analysis Friday. I would like some input from the Forum about the results. Especially look forward to feed back from Randy Holmes- Farley. In readying the Forums over the last few months. I find your input to very...
  20. MockandRoll

    Phosphate reagent expired

    I have the Milwaukee Mi412 for low phosphate testing. I have 50+ packets of phosphate reagent that expired on 6/2017. Should I toss it or can I get a few more months out of it? Thanks
  21. cwb_reeftank

    keeping levels stable?

    ok I feel like I'm not sure how to maintain my levels at a stable point. I did a water change on May 26 and checked my alk and it read at 9.5 dKH(Hanna) I checked it today and it showed 7.6 dKH(Hanna). I want to keep my levels between 7-8. how would I one keep them stable and how would I dose or...
  22. cwb_reeftank

    Nitrate or Phosphate?

    should I get a good nitrate test kit or a good phosphate test kit first? I would like to get both but I can only get one for right now.
  23. potatocouch

    Enlighten me ... Randy Recipe (Alk) and Red Sea B

    @Randy Holmes-Farley if you may ... and I apologize in advanced if this has been raised in the past. By no means this is to compare between Randy's and Red Sea; I just want to understand. I was looking at your Alkalinity part (recipe #1 and recipe #2) Recipe #1 for pH below 8.3 (bake then...
  24. arman

    How to balance nitrate and phosphate

    Its about three months im dealing with balancing nitrate and phosphate in my reef tank and im steal dealing. This started when i saw my corals loosing their color and i asked in R2R and they say me that the po4 is too low for a tank that has LPS.So i tried to rise my no3 and po4 but i added too...
  25. cwb_reeftank

    Alk question

    I try to keep my tanks alk between 7-9 but when I use my red sea salt(not the pro) it brings my alk back up to 11. I was wondering if I had a bad batch of salt or something else.
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