1. L

    Cupramine api general cure quarantine

    Just after Christmas I lost all my fish but a naso tang to velvet maybe ich but I'm sure it was velvet so I have left my tank fallow to eradicate it i purchased all the fish I lost and I have completed the treatment of seachem cupramine at a consistent therapeutic level for 30 days mid way I...
  2. Johnpaul86

    Help with purple tang.

    Hopefully someone can shine a light on my situation and give some helpful advice. So I have a purple tang that I have had in my tank (180 gallon) for the better part of 6 years. I have noticed in the last week or so she has started to swim in the flow of a power head on occasion and a appears...
  3. A

    EMERGENCY White spots

    I made the mistake of digging my hand in the tank one too many times and Stressed out my clowns too much they developed these white spots not sure what it is, doesn’t look like ich
  4. Stu_Tanks

    Ich in the DT! Need advice.

    Hello all! As you saw in the title of my thread, I’ve had an Ich outbreak in my Red Sea reefer 350. Livestock: Tomini Tang Two Spot Tang 2 clownfish 1 Cardinal fish This started a little over a week ago. I was closely observing my tank and noticed white sugar like specs on my two spot tang...
  5. Rrwilson1223

    Fallow Period for Ich

    Hi everyone, Currently have all my fish out in a QT. Dealing with everyone's favorite parasite. So my question is, what does everyone think about the info from Humble Fish about a 6 week ich fallow period if tank temp is kept above 27C or approx 80.6F degrees? Here are the links to what was...
  6. R

    Transitioning into Ich prevention from ich management

    Hello everyone, I really need your help. I started a 55 gallon reef 2 years ago, never quarantined anything and practiced ich management and a lot of "dump any pray", fast forwarding a year and a half i upgraded to a 75 gallon reef, couple months later I got a 180 which is my current tank. Im...
  7. new2reefing123

    Copper dose/copper level and time

    Hi all, I am doing a fallow to rid my DT of ich, have all my fish in QT and am dosing Seachem copper cupramine. It is pretty hard to differentiate the shades of blue on my Salifert copper test kit. I believe it is showing .5. I am going to compare with an API copper test I remember I have, and I...
  8. Dierks

    How to Quarantine with Humblefish

    You guys I have run into a live discussion that Humblefish will be chatting with ReefDudes on youtube! I know a lot of folks look up to him and this would be a great chance to hear what he has to say on the subject that a lot of us are looking for advise, Quarantining fish. Looks like it goes...
  9. B

    Captive bred Conspicuous angel or captive bred Clarion angel

    Hello. I’m thinking of adding a dream angel to my fish only tank when the time is right. I was wondering which one people would recommend and why between the Conspicuous angel and the Clarion angel?
  10. R

    Flashing in Quarantine

    Hi all, sorry if this is a long winded post but looking to provide as much info up front as possible. So several weeks ago I added a large toadstool and some BTA which all came on some sizeable chunks of LR, prior to this no issues, no recent new additions, week or so later 1st signs of ich. I...
  11. Globalbutterfly

    Bruised & Beat-up Wrasse

    My normally peaceful tank had some kind of Game of Thrones outbreak on Thursday which carried over until Friday. Not sure who was the original instigator but my whip fin fairy wrasse had a big gash on his side Thursday evening (fed heavily then sent them all to bed early.) Friday afternoon I...
  12. Skynyrd Fish

    Tangs in copper power going on vacation need next step adviceI’m leaving for

    Three tangs are left in my qt. They have been in copper for 3 weeks. However they have been in copper power at at 1.49 for 3 days and after my Hanna showed up they have been at 1.76 for 10 days. Total 13 days in copper power. I was using cupramine until copperpower was delivered. I was Ramping...
  13. Kevinkmk

    Ich management suggestion

    Hi, I have fallow my dt for 76 days and qt and treat copper with my fish for 30 days. However, might be the new corals or cross contamination , ich shown up again in my dt. It has been a month since I added my fish back and the ich is heavily affecting my fish. I have tried to feed Lrs reef...
  14. Melinda01

    Velvet outbreak!

    I'm in the process of trying to defeat a velevet outbreak in my DT. Getting a big enough QT tank set up to try to keep everyone as healthy as possible. That isn’t going to happen until this weekend as I have very limited resources and have to work through Friday and on call all this week. My...
  15. jeff williams

    Metronidazole +cupramine

    does anyone know if metroplex will affect cu test readings? Or if any other Med when used with cu will interfere with test readings? Haven't been able to find this info during research?
  16. K

    Lineatus Needs Your Help!

    I picked up this beautiful healthy lineatus a couple of weeks ago. Long story short, he was getting picked on by my huge established leopard wrasse, so I put him in a QT to recover (no meds). He was in the 10g qt for a week and was eating aggressively (Even pellets). I woke up this am and he was...
  17. Cment

    Wrasse jumped out of my tank I was cleaning my glass this morning before the lights came on and it must have spooked my yellow belly tamarin. He jumped out of the tank and landed in a small 1 inch space between my sump and stand. I had to drain the entire sump in order to move it enough to get him out. The process...
  18. jeff williams


    Just finished up with copper in my qt and it has slowed my bio filter down ammonia is still processing but nitrite has stopped processing all together and I'm having to do 50% WC daily to maintain it (10gal tank) so I'm ready to add prazipro and I have no more cycled media what's your take on...
  19. Congaken

    Need a complete A toZ guide to proper QT...

    I'm sure that it already exists...but I need a complete guide to QT from Humble, Meredith or somebody who knows his/her stuff...I took a couple of short-cuts, possibly not qting a sea star, or short qting a goby and BAM...Singapore Angel has velvet and I'm hoping that the rest escape it... In...
  20. jeff williams

    Ick or velvet?

    Ick or velvet Some of the bigger spots are food floating in the tank there the ones that are noticeable larger. The pics don't really show to well but the fish are covered the Mollie shows best the amount of spots
  21. revhtree

    Here we go TTM!

    Well I'm set up for my first go at TTM or the Tank Transfer Method! See anything I might be missing? 20g tank
  22. E

    Regal has popeye

    My regal appears to have popeye. Is there any in-tank treatment for this or do I have to remove him and treat. My concern is if I stress him he will stop eating. Can I wait out the pop eye or will just gradually get worse
  23. E

    CP and Barletts Anthias

    I just got a trio of barletts in on Wed.... They seemed to be acclimating fine but all barletts and 1 lyretail dropped dead over the weekend..... Only difference is that I pre-treated the water w\ CP prior to dropping them in... instead of waiting a few days for them to get...
  24. pmaddox

    I swear I'm never buying another fish....QT woes inside

    Hey, guys. I've been in the hobby for going on 3 years. I upgraded this Summer from a 34g and 28g to a 150g Reef tank. Most of the fish in the aquarium were moved from my old tank or acquired from other hobbyists from their tanks (except for the green chromis that I put in the tank in the...
  25. TANK TERROR: Identifying And Treating Marine Velvet

    TANK TERROR: Identifying And Treating Marine Velvet

    The reef aquarium hobby is not for the faint of heart. Maintaining a complex ecosystem can be a daunting task with many variables in play that all have effect on one another. However, beyond the effort to maintain the ecosystem and address common day-to-day issues, there are catastrophic...