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May 17, 2021
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So I’m on my 6th day and since then my ammonia has stayed the same (2.0) but my nitrite has gone up to 2.0. This is normal? just to make sur. Products used for this were Dr Tim’s Ammonia Chloride and API QuickStart for my 38 gallon saltwater tank


why did you put a reef in that
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Dec 9, 2014
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All you need to do to make this cycle complete is leave the system as is for a total of fifteen days, do a large water change and begin, it can’t fail. Whether you feed more or not, test further or not, does not change the completion date. If we were planning your cycle to be done by the date of a reef convention and we were using your mix above, we’d begin the tank fifteen days early, disassemble it on day 15, take to show, set back up it will skip cycle to the show.

old cycling rules said you had to wait until the current wastewater self clears

that’s no longer required, new rules. Timelier rules. In a world of wait wait hesitate and wait, we just listed a specific start time. Source for claim: a cycling charts ammonia line. It’s down by day ten even if your tests don’t agree, they’re cheap tests. Not any cycling chart ever made shows ammonia rising or stalling past day ten

yet twenty thousand forum cyclers on api have reported it.

A cycling chart runs your city‘s wastewater plant it’s a better reference. Waiting day fifteen was uber conservative lol but fail proof.
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