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Oct 14, 2013
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Bay area, CA
Up for grabs are some very good sized favias, chalices and beachbum monti. These are not tiny frags, fully encrusted :)

Cornbred Tropic Thunder Favia (good size) $160
Favia 6.jpg
CC Darth Maul Favia SOLD
Favia Darth Maul.jpg
UC Fascination Favia SOLD
Favia Fascination.jpg
JF Dayglo Favia (very good size) SOLD
Favia 2.jpg
JF Candy Crush Favia SOLD
Favia 1.jpg
Raptors Rainbow Favia $40
Favia Raptors.jpg
Baby Breath Favia $40
Favia Baby Breath.jpg
JF Antivenom Favia $90
Favia 5.jpg
CB Flaming Bugatti Chalice (good size) $120
Chalice Bugatti 1.jpg
CB Crazy Clown $120
Chalice Clown3.jpg
Beachbum Monti (very good size) $250
Beachbum 4.jpg


Shipping is $50, fedex overnight. FREE shipping for purchase of $400 or more

Standard DOA applies, within two hours upon receipt. Full refund except the shipping cost. Not responsible for courier's delay but if that happens, we will work it out! I'm an experienced shipper and had an excellent feedback score when it was still accessible.

Feel free to message me if you have questions. Thanks
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