Evo 13.5 nem tank



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Feb 22, 2022
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Shadyside, Ohio

Started my 2nd tank a 5 months ago. Fluval 13.5. I have wanted some nems but was afraid to add them so late to my Red Sea fearing they would move too much and sting other corals.. The tank is progressing nicely. Below is my equiptment.. I am really enjoying the Evo and would buy another in future. My next tank will hopefully be a IM 40 long! Love that new tank!!

13.5 Evo
Kraken lid
Sicce 1.0 return pump upgrade
Slw10 wavemaker
Red Sea 50 led light (leftover from Prime upgrade on Red Sea display)
100w BRS titanium heater
Inkbird thermometer
Prism ATO
Black sand (love the black sand)

Stock list
Black and white ocellaris clown pair
Bangaii cardinal fish
Anemone crab
Tidal Gardens

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