FijiCube 38gal Peninsula Build thread (WIP)



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Aug 27, 2021
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Hi friends,

I'm stuck with a 6-year-old phone and a dinky camera, but I just realized I never posted my build thread for the ReefChasers contest and I also want to enter the Osmolator contest so I might as well start a build thread despite the poor photo quality!

edit: new photo

old photo

This is a photo taken from the 'tip' of the peninsula.

Some basic info:

Water Volume: 30 gallon Display tank + 8 gallon AIO chamber + 15 gallon sump
Tank type: Mixed reef tank
Ecosystem age: water & biological filter is 7 months; I upgraded the display tank in September (3 months)

Notable inhabitants:

* 2 Pearly Jawfish who are occasionally 'roommates'
* 1 Blackcap basslet
* 8x Mangrove Killifish fry I'm rearing in a separate tank (~1month old)
* Obligatory Yasha Goby & Pistol Shrimp pair that murders anything I put on their host rock
* 1 fake anemone from petco, with 2 clownfish I have tricked into hosting it
* A citron clown goby
* Lots of zoa frags (favorites are AIO, Pikachu and Utter Chaos)
* 3 different varieties of GSP on the back wall
* The coolest weeping willow toadstool I've ever seen

DIY stuff:
* Overflow hole drilled in back of AIO chamber
* PVC piping to sump with a gate ball valve
* Sump baffles were terribly DIY'd with silicone and some sort of plastic sheets
* Custom rockwork for my Zoa ramp
* DIY wooden airstone protein skimmer while I figure out how to get my Fluval PS2 to freakin work

Upcoming projects:
* Adding another piece of rockwork to house my extra frags while protecting them from my murderous pistol shrimp
* Replacing sump 'baffles' with actual baffles
* Pod-proofing my return pump (currently leads to a reactor)
* Wiring & clutter cleanup (I will never actually do this)

Other Photos:
My favorite angle of the tank.

my killifish fry. Give the species a google, they're fascinating.

Pic of the plumbing & sump. One day I will make it look nice.

Photo from the other long-side of the tank.
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