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Apr 19, 2019
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I had a super agressive knock at the door this morning which woke me out of my dead sleep. I sprung out of bed and found my box at the door with my coral shipment!
All corals arrived looking great with almost no stress after 45 mins of acclimation the rock flower nems are in my tank and attached to a rock already looking happy as can be.
The scoly and acan I ordered are currently getting dipped, but hot dang do they look good.

I am super happy with my first ever online order I only spent $130 including shipping for a rock flower anemone, green lanters can frag, and a 1.5 inch bleeding apple scoly.

Rj at Savage reef was great at responding to my many emails about shipping (since I've never ordered online before). And all corals were absolutly wysiwyg. I could not be happier with the price and the results especially since he threw in 2 beautiful rock flowers for free!

I would highly reccomend checking his website out and participating in the wysiwyg auctions and seeing his high quality livestock!

I plan on doing much more buisiness with this company in the future and urge you all to go and check him out!

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