Fowlr to reef lighting 300dd

Discussion in 'Aquarium Lighting By Dana Riddle' started by Hk45, Feb 8, 2018.

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    Im slowly switching to fowlr to reef. Currently have lps and some zoas added but want to start filling the top of the rock work w sps. Im currently running 3 marsaqua at 40%blues and whites 10% working way up power wise. Down the road switch out to sbreeflight pcb board. Im thinking to add more light by adding 4 80w t5 let lighting retro, I already have the bulbs for an ati fixture i had in the past and never used bulbs. Will adding the t5 help with keeping sps.
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    It will def help, but i still think you will need more light unless you plan on keeping sps right on top directly under those leds. Those fixtures focus all their light straight down and the further you spread out from the middle you lose par quickly.
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