Get your WOW! - Meet Bad Boy Bob, Chloe, and Friends!


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Jun 8, 2009
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Mardela Springs, MD
We have some incredible new named corals for you today, looking for their new homes! Each has been carefully vetted by our own Dr. Mac and is sure to make a fantastic addition to your tank! As always, first to contact us will receive the piece and all prices are shipped prices - no extra costs!

SOLD - First up we have Bad Boy Bob the Acanthophyllia. This guy is majorly fluffy and full of himself! He comes in at about 2.25 inches, and his shipped price is $399.

Next is Frederick, an incredible Raspberry Fungia. A little cutie, he's about 2 inches across and is ready to ship to you for $199.

Meet Ruby, an extra large and supper puffy Cynarina. Check out those frosted highlights. Ruby is about 4.5 inches and will ship to you for $189.

SOLD - This is our glamour girl Gizelle, a crazy bright Trachyphyllia. Gizelle is about 3 inches and will ship for $214.

Last but certainly not least we have Chloe, an XXL Chalice! This bold beauty is a true showpiece at about 7 inches across and a real deal at only $299 shipped!
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