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GHL KH Director Slave unit and dosing pump

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Aug 20, 2016
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Getting out of the hobby and selling all my gear. This is a SLAVE KH Director set, it requires a P4 controller or a GHL stand-alone doser to use it. I also have my P4 controller set listed for sale separately if you need one

Automated Alkalinity monitoring and control​

KH Director uses a modified pH probe to provide KH values. In terms of the KH test process, the adapters on the KHD each connect to an available GHL Doser 2 or 2.1 dosing unit. One pump is used to feed tank water into the KHD. The second pump feeds the KHD with reagent fluid. The third pump extracts the test sample and used reagent fluid after a completed test, then dispenses it into a waste bin.

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