1. Mar

    Package Deal Drygoods new GHL IOND with stand alone doser2.1 set NIB

    GHL IOND with stand alone doser 2.1 set New in Box. i got this last year and never got around to installing it. $900 or trade for Radion xr30 g5 or g6. located southern tier NY
  2. Wolters_88

    Aquarium Controller Drygoods GHL KH director with Stand Alone and extra slave doser

    I have a KH director, Stand alone 2.2 doser and extra slave doser up for sale. The price is $1000.
  3. GalaxyBenny

    Wisconsin Aquarium Controller Testing Dosing Drygoods GHL Profilux P4, KHD, and Profilux Mini

    I have a like new Profilux P4 mega setup for sale. I also have a KHD and Doser 2.1SA package. Pricing as follows: Profilux P4 Mega (P4, Powerbar 6e, probes) - $600obo KHD and Doser 2.1SA - $500obo Combine both - $1000 I also have a like new GHL Profilux Mini for sale. This unit...
  4. Wtyson254

    What controller ecosystem for main display and nano

    I am looking for a new controller ecosystme For both my 110gal sps heavy display, and my 20 gallon nano. I would like it if they were both in the same ecosystem. I have used Neptune apex (plus trident …..) for almost ten years but I’m tired of having issues with them and looking for something...
  5. Travv26

    USA WTB GHL mitras 7206 or 7204

    I want to buy a few GHL mitras please let me know what you have available
  6. N

    GHL non-physical Switch Channels

    How can I assign a GHL pump to a non-physical switch channel? I have a GHL Versia Flow 6 pump for my mixing station that is not close to a power bar so it is connected to a regular outlet. How can I manually control this pump without having to plug and unplug from the outlet? Seems like I...
  7. adritank

    California Aquarium Controller Drygoods GHL PROFILUX 4 CONTROLLER + KH DIRECTOR

    GHL Profilux 4 mega set aquarium controller w/ KHD + Doser Perfect working condition Not using any more All parts included. All probes included. Will need to calibrate probes. Will include all calibrations that I own. Only flaw is that an extension I added is stuck, but now works as an...
  8. adritank

    GHL Profilux 4 controller w/ extras BUNDLE

    Parting ways with my GHL Profilux 4 Mega Set Perfect working condition. Retail value of over $3,500 Asking $2,050 for everything, Shipped. Free pick up in Los Angeles Parts include Profilux 4e megaset KH Director Set w/ doser ION Director Set w/ doses Extra Powerbar Expansion box 2 Vortech...
  9. -JoJoReefing-

    Washington SOLD GHL Black complete set with KH director and doser - used for 1.5 year - Washington

    I have a complete set of GHL equipment for sell. After using it for a while I still prefer my Apex set on the other tank and would like to switch over. The whole set is used for about 1.5 years. Total price $1400 with shipping included. Profilux 4 mega set (original price $950) includes: -...
  10. Starbuxxx

    How often do you check on your tank while at work? (And what do you use?)

    How often do you check on your reef tank? (Apex, GHL, live stream, etc) I keep my apex tab up all day at work and check on it every hour or so. Mainly terrified of seeing another flood alert but also checking parameters from automated testing.
  11. Krypler

    Aquariums Aquarium Controller Drygoods SOLD Profilux 4e starter set plus extra powerbar

    Selling profilux 4e starter set with extra powerbar. Used around 2 years. Would need to get new ph probe as this one did dry out. Asking $400 shipping Included.
  12. J

    Michigan Aquarium Controller Drygoods GHL Ion Director

    Ion Director- Tester only, you will need a dosing pump. Currently running. just installed with new sensor 3-4 wks ago. Received the unit in 2022. Includes fluid and calibration fluid. Sold as is No Longer available
  13. Muffin87

    Does GHL have an equivalent of the Apex 24V DC accessory ports?

    I really need my aquarium controller to have 24V or 12V DC ports that can be turned on for a few seconds o a few minutes at a time at specific points in the day. It's for a frozen food dispenser. @Lasse, I guess you may know this one! Thanks a bunch to anyone who'll chime in!
  14. XavierZ06

    North Carolina Aquarium Controller Drygoods Ghl Profilux 4e kit

    GHL Profilux 4e Starter Set - $500 shipped, PayPal fees included. Lightly used (less than 3 months) in great condition. All electronics housed in different room from tank/sump. Original box and all components that came with. Shipping included or pickup in Greensboro area of North Carolina for...
  15. InactionJackson

    Massachusetts Dosing Drygoods GHL Doser 2.1 SA 4 Pump (black)(USA/CND)

    As the title says…. $300 + shipping Hooked up but Never used, was waiting for the Ion Director…..not waiting any longer. No box Purchased 5/5/23 Pick up 02359 Price is firm Just the Doser
  16. Bmasculine

    Texas Aquarium Controller Package Deal Price drop GHL mega set

    GHL Mega set $500 KH director with SA doser $500 sold KH director $350. Sold Extra power bar Sold Everything was used for about 4 months with the exception of the KH director by itself, that is new I bought it thinking there was a problem with the original but then realized it was me...
  17. XavierZ06

    North Carolina Aquarium Controller Drygoods Ghl profilux 4 set

    GHL Profilux 4e Starter Set - $500 shipped Used for roughly 3 months. Comes with everything in the set, like new condition, in original box. Pm any questions or offers. Doser and khd sold.
  18. M

    Kh director hot garbage don’t buy

    Worked for 6 months then broke 4 different times for the same thing. GHL will make you pay shipping each time because that’s what the “warranty” states and purchase new probes after they’re shot from not being used. I’ve spent over 3k on their products and the customer service is non existent...
  19. Acros

    South Carolina Dry Good Trade GHL 2.1 Stand Alone doser for Neptune DOS

    Looking to sell/swap my GHL 2.1 stand alone doser. The doser is setup with push connects from avast marine. Looking for 1 or 2 Neptune DOS.
  20. kKdTx

    Texas Skimmers Dosing Drygoods Tunez Comline DOC Skimmer 9004 DC - GHL Cooling Fans - EShopps Dosing pumps - Hanna Nitrate & Calcium

    Cleaning out some extra stuff. Will ship to continental 48. All price OBO. Tunez 9004 DC Skimmer - sold GHL Fans x 2 - Sold Eshopps Dosing Pumps - $50 (Needs power adapter, easy find, tested and works.) Hanna Testers: Calcium: $30 SOld Nitrate: $30 Sold
  21. NewCaliCaptives

    GHL Profilux 4 wifi chip not working HELP

    I have a brand new Profilux 4 Mega Set, literally just unboxed it last night and cannot get the wifi hotspot to show at all. At first there was a yellow wifi light and I could get my phone to connect to the hotspot but it could never connect to the app. Now there is no wifi lights at all, yellow...
  22. SashimiTurtle

    Aquarium Controller Package Deal SOLD GHL P4 KHD and Maxi Doser

    Selling my GHL controller. P4 was purchased in 2020, KH Director and Doser 2.1 SA was purchased in 2021. I bought the Maxi Doser used last year and never set it up. Everything works and turns as shown. Probes are original and you'll most likely want to replace them. The KH Director has a pH...
  23. kenchilada

    Louisiana Aquarium Controller Drygoods SOLD GHL Accessories, ATO sensors, leak sensors, etc

    Everything here is very clean. Used sensors were soaked in citric acid and cleaned. Float sensor v2 (new in box) - $35 shipped Never seen water. Bought for skimmer overflow but did not hook it up. ATO Sensor Package - $150 1x Optical sensor v2 1x Float sensor v2 1x Level sensor holder base...
  24. InactionJackson

    Miscellaneous Dosing Drygoods SOLD GHL Doser 2.1. GONE

    GHL Doser 2.1 , SA, 4 pump, black New, its plugged in but never dosed anything, was going to get an ION but that’s not happening. This is just the Doser, no box Willing to ship at buyers expense $400.00 Purchased 5/5/23
  25. R

    Florida Lighting LED Drygoods Two GHL Mitras LX7206

    I have 2 GHL Mitras LX7206 for sale. Only selling because I went full T5 on the tank. Selling each for 400 or 700 for the pair.