1. B

    Aquarium Controller Testing Drygoods Brand New GHL Profilix 4e Starter Set (White)

    Brand new in box, sealed. Asking 600. Will consider trades for new or lightly used G5/G6 XR 15 with Mount + some cash.
  2. B

    Miscellaneous Package Deal Drygoods Miscellaneous New/Lightly Used Equipment

    Trying to clear out some equipment I don’t have use for. No REASONABLE offer will be refused. Will consider trades for a G5/G6 XR15 Blue with a mount. Pm me if interested. Willing to ship. Brand new GHL ProfiLux 4e Starter Set - White $600 Brand new Hanna Phosphate ULR + Extra Reagent SOLD...
  3. Chris Macaluso

    Colorado Aquarium Controller Drygoods GHL KH Director Slave unit and dosing pump

    Getting out of the hobby and selling all my gear. This is a SLAVE KH Director set, it requires a P4 controller or a GHL stand-alone doser to use it. I also have my P4 controller set listed for sale separately if you need one Automated Alkalinity monitoring and control KH Director uses a...
  4. S

    New Jersey Aquarium Controller Miscellaneous FS GHL Profilux Powerbar 5.1 - $100

    ITEM IS IN GOOD PHYSICAL AND WORKING CONDITION. PRICE INCLUDES SHIPPING. HAVE 2 IN STOCK Connect to PAB-Port of the ProfiLux. The Powerbar 5.1 offers 5 switchable sockets, one of which can also be dimmed. An additional 6th outlet with permanent power (e.g. for ProfiLux, pumps or lights) is...
  5. Brand new sealed GHL ProfiLux 4e starter set - white

    For sale California Brand new sealed GHL ProfiLux 4e starter set - white

    550 shipped, brand new sealed in the box
  6. REEF OF THE MONTH - June 2022: Reefer_punk's Beautiful DSR Reef! No Water Changes in 4+ Years!

    Reef Spotlight REEF OF THE MONTH - June 2022: Reefer_punk's Beautiful DSR Reef! No Water Changes in 4+ Years!

    R2R Username: @Reefer_punk Build Thread: Reefer_punk's new build thread Introduction: Hi to all of you, Reef2Reefers! First of all, I am unbelievably honored to have my tank picked as Reef of the Month! It is humbling to be selected and included among all of those great and out-of-this-world...
  7. Vinny@GHLUSA

    GHL Memorial Day Sale - 15% off Mitras LX7 fixtures!

    GHL USA is kicking off the upcoming Memorial Day weekend with a special sale! From now until Tuesday, June 7, all Mitras LX7 are 15% off! This is your chance to purchase one of the most advanced LED fixtures on the market at an incredible price! Click here to learn more about the Mitras LX7...
  8. GHL Profilux 4 Mega Set & Stand Alone Dosers

    For sale Texas GHL Profilux 4 Mega Set & Stand Alone Dosers

    I bought all of this pre owned. Never installed anything in my tank. I am going with Apex products instead. I would prefer to sell it all as a bundle, however I will sell things individually. GHL Profilux 4 Mega Set 6E $700 comes with everything in original packaging including calibration...
    $100.00 to $1,500.00
  9. MohamedF

    Ion director tokens in Profilux

    Good day everyone , I have two issues in the codes of email notifications in Profilux , one regarding the ion director , and the second regarding the dosing pumps listing . so first regarding the ion director , the code for ion director reading is $$SENV[ i ]$$ but this shows only the calcium...
  10. Kh director set

    For sale Oregon Kh director set

    I have a 4 month old kh director for sale it comes with a almost brand new 1 month old doser 2.1 slave version, the probe that you will receive is practically brand new as well as I just bought it a month ago I have it stored in kci solution , if this sells fast I might even throw in some free...
  11. S

    Apex, GHL, Hydros

    Hello everyone I need some help deciding on a reef aquarium controller/monitor. I am stuck between the Apex, GHL, and hydros. I love the apex but it’s not really a college friendly price and I want to minimize wires so the EL doesn’t really interest me. That’s brings me to the hydros which is...
  12. DirtDiggler2823

    Programmable Logic, Maintenance Mode, and Feeding Pauses

    I'm stuck trying to figure out how to program maintenance and feeding equipment pauses. I've just fully transitioned from my Reef-Pi to my GHL setup and I'm trying to recreate these pauses, which were called macros on my DIY controller. They allowed me to shut down, and power outlets on at...
  13. Not an IT guy

    Reef octopus skimmer INT

    Hey and hello I recently set up my reef oct to the 0-10v interface. I also set up the stream group and min max. My question is how do I adjust the power output of the skimmer on the interface? I am running my skimmer at the eco mode level prior to adding the 0-10v and would like to adjust...
  14. Apex Classic with everything + Extras

    For sale California Apex Classic with everything + Extras

    Apex Classic with everything you see in the pic included. Probably need a couple new probes and the monitor rewired if you plan to use it. $350 shipped
  15. Brand New GHL ProfiLux 4e Starter Set - White and Apex Classic Bundle

    For sale Brand New GHL ProfiLux 4e Starter Set - White and Apex Classic Bundle

    Brand New GHL ProfiLux 4e Starter Set - White. Asking $600 shipped Brand New GHL Breeze 3 4 fan cooling fan, $120 shipped. Also have an Apex Classic comes with everything in the pic. Pm me with an offer
  16. MohamedF

    GHL ion director and KH director review

    Good day everyone , I just received few days ago the IonDirector ( one week ago ) on my both aquariums and KH Director ( three weeks ago ) . - KH DIRECTOR : initial setup is really easy with GHL videos , all went smooth and I double checked with Hanna KH checker that I trust alot but...
  17. E

    Symbol flashing on GHL profilux 4

    This hammer looking symbol just started flashing in the front screen of my GHL profilux 4 does anyone know what it means and why it is doing it?
  18. Brand New GHL ProfiLux 4e Stater Set - White

    For sale Brand New GHL ProfiLux 4e Stater Set - White

    Brand new sealed in box GHL ProfiLux 4e Starter Set - White. Will ship at buyer’s expense.
  19. Ghl doser 2.1 slave

    For sale Ghl doser 2.1 slave

    New never used, asking 360$ or maybe willing to work something out
  20. E


    My GHL kh director just went out on me today and I need a replacement, does anyone have one for sale?
  21. mcgaws

    GHL Profilux programming

    Hey people, if I want to control a dosing pump to turn on through a plug bar socket if my ph falls below 7.8 and turn off the socket when the ph hits or goes above a set value (say 8 how would I programme this? I have posted this on the GHL Facebook page but no one has answered. Can anyone help...
  22. Kimosobey

    USA WTB WTB GHL ProfiLux 4 mega starter set

    Maybe you you're sticking with Apex or getting out of the hobby but either way I'm interested in your GHL controller. Thank you!
  23. Ghl doser 2.1

    For sale Ghl doser 2.1

    I have a GHL doser 2.1 , I opened and put it on my cabinet but never used it since I ended up getting a calcium reactor
  24. Gonzo74

    Maryland WTB GHL Profilux, KH Director, Doser 2.1 parts

    Looking for spare parts to keep on hand. If you have broke GHL equipment or not broken but selling cheap, please reach out to me with pride and pictures. i purchased some broken ones already and am trying to make a few working pieces of equipment.
  25. E

    Ghl kh director not controlling calcium reactor

    I am trying to set up my kh director to control my calcium reactor but I’m A little confused on how it works, I said a nominal value change in the minimum and maximum and it doesn’t change anything when my alkalinity goes to high or too low, does anyone know exactly how to get this to work with...
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