1. GHL 2.1 SA, GHL 2.1 Slave, 2 GHL Stirrers

    For sale GHL 2.1 SA, GHL 2.1 Slave, 2 GHL Stirrers

    Moved, combined two systems and revisited my setup. I am the original owner for all items. I have two GHL 2.1 dosers: a Stand Alone and a slave doser; also, two magnetic stirrers that tie into the dosers. Item Usage description/length of time used Offer price GHL Doser 2.1 SA 1.5 years...
    $20.00 to $250.00
  2. MJV15

    Is MyGHL down?

    I just wanted to check and see if anyone else was experiencing issues logging onto MyGHL? My GHLConnect app won’t login and I’ve tried on multiple web browsers. I’m currently on the road which is why I have a Controller. If the serve is down for maintenance that’s fine it just would be nice to...
  3. Ditto

    Programing/Features Differences(Heater Setup – Part 2) – Neptune Systems and GHL Systems Controller

    This video is part two of a two-part video showing the Programing and Feature differences in programming and features for a heater for for both the APEX controller and a ProfiLux Controller. The first part of the video can be located here...
  4. Saltysailors

    International WTB GHL Profulix 4/Profulix mini wifi

    Looking to purchase a Profulix mini wifi or the mega set. Looking to have it shipped to canada. Harder to find up here, not looking to spend the money on a apex and go through the issues. Hope someone can help out. Cheers!
  5. dr1271

    GHL Doser 2.1 Firmware Update Issues

    Need drastic help! I'm very computer literate and my head is about to explode trying to setup a new GHL Doser 2.1 (SA). Originally tried using my Mac with Parallels with no luck, and eventually borrowed a friends PC. Finally was able to connected to the Doser via USB and programmed my dosing...
  6. ajtomase

    Favorite doser pumps

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to researching the best dosing pumps, and I'm not sure which one to go with: Kamoer (not the bluetooth option): I heard that they are very reliable and make dosing pumps for the medical industry Dos: Head they are very loud, but are dependable, requires the Neptune...
  7. B

    GHL probe/dozer line placement

    Hello all. Looking for any tips or best practices for probe placement along with where to dose in my sump. Should I be taking measurement and dosing in the refugium area or have all of the probes/dozer lines go into the return section. Appreciate the help!0
  8. reef fish

    Florida Aquarium Controller GHL profilux 4e starter set in black

    GHL profilux 4e starter set in black This the set that comes with the ph and the temp probe you can add the othe probs va expansion card I have add for a week decided to sell because my system is all white Have the original box only open the temp probe everything else is intact $575 shipped
  9. reef fish

    Florida WTB Ghl equipment

    Looking for ghl equipment like kh ,doser or just tell me what you have thanks
  10. reef fish

    Florida WTB GHL Controller

    Look to buy Ghl controller and other items Let me know what you have
  11. royaltanks

    Ion Director - Presentation

    Hi guys, my name's Marco, I manage all the Royaltanks Pages. I am writing this first post to tell you about my experience as a Beta-tester with the ion director. For many months I've had the opportunity to be a Beta-tester of this product, interacting with a very professional team that, based on...
  12. Manny’s Reef

    Cannot calibrate my pH prove for GHL.

    Can anyone help? I’ve gone through the manual and YouTube videos. It appears that my GHL is missing the “calibrate option” after selecting pH. Anyone know if there is a new method of calibrating the pH probes? What am I missing?
  13. salty_chimp

    Profilux display stuck on “loading”

    I am running a profilux- kh director- slave doser daisy chain. Here is my issue: 1. All units have blue blinking light. 2. Profilux displaying that it is reading temp and ph 3. I watched the kh director take an alk reading at it’s pretty oh programmed time 4. I manually tried to make sure...
  14. Aquaristexhibit

    Build Thread Welcome to Aquarist Exhibit’s New Build Thread!

    Hey Reefers!! Welcome to my build thread !! -75 g Custom 12mm tank with Starphire Front (40”L x 20” W x 22” T) built by local Edmonton tank Builder Overflow & Wavemakers -Eshopps prodigy L overflow (bean animal) -2x Tunze 6055 Electronic Sump Filtration - Bashsea Smart series...
  15. DCReefer

    USA WTB Vetex CA Reactor and GHL Doser

    Like the title states ISO Vertex CA reactor and GHL Doser. Must be willing to ship. PM me please. Happy Reefing
  16. Hardy_Reef

    Build Thread Hardy Reef RSR 350 Build Thread

    Introduction: I have a modest following on Instagram: @Hardy_Reef detailing the progress of my Red Sea Reefer 350 and figured I should document a build thread on Reef2Reef. I'll start by showing where I currently am in the hobby and where I have come from. I dove into this hobby in 2018 with...
  17. Ditto

    GHL - News Letter Update on the ION Director

    In Case your not a subscriber to GHL News Letter an update was just mailed out specific to the ION Director. Beginning of the newsletter: Can read the entire newsletter here:
  18. phil bevilacqua

    Alabama California GHL 2.1 stand alone 4 head

    Few month old 4 head black doser . Went to calcium reactor. So it’s up for grabs , like new 390 shipped
  19. Bmartinez76

    Florida GHL 2.1 Doser with Maintenance items.

    I have a calcium reactor running and no longer need this doser. It is in great condition and always cared for. I am selling this unit with maintenance items that are new in boxes. Comes with GHL 2.1 doser (black) 4 packs of head covers with replacement wheels. 2 motors 1 pack of replacement...
  20. smartwater101

    California [West Hollywood] GHL stuff (profilux, expansion box w/ A LOT of extra, powerbar, kh director, dosers)

    ALL SOLD Near the end of 2019 I went crazy on purchasing gadgets for a big upgrade. But then 2020 was... well... 2020. So the big upgrade never happened and these items have sat unused ever since. Many of which were NEVER used. It's time to find these items a proper home! :) PRICES ARE FIRM...
  21. 50_lagoon_reefing

    GHL ion director or GHL kh director

    hello I was wondering what people recommend more the GHL ion director or the GHL Kh director and should I run the proflux 4 along with them.
  22. Lylelovett

    When to replace a pH sensor?

    Hi all, I've had my GHL Profilux P4 for about 2.5 years. As I understand it, pH sensors last 1-2 years. Is there a way/test to tell if the probe needs to replaced? (Rather than just replacing it outright just because it's 2 years old.) Thanks!
  23. S


    Hello I looking for GHL sa 2.1 doser
  24. A

    GHL power bars

    Hello everyone. I'm looking at adding a plug bar to my P4 I've been offered a powerbar 6D Can anyone tell me if these bars are worth using on the P4 ? Or should I just get another 6E-PAB
  25. chefjpaul

    Package Deal SOLD GHL lot. P4, Doser, x-tras