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  1. A

    GHL 2 Dosing Pump

    Hi, I have an opportunity to buy a GHL 2 dosing pump for $160. I was wondering if this is worth it? I know there is a 2.1 out now and I can’t learn too much about the 2.0. Is it just an older model or is it completely outdated. I am just looking to dose calcium, mag, and alK. Thanks all.
  2. oneilwiz

    Build Thread Dwayne's LPS and Softie Build

    Hello reefers, With my current tank slowly leaking, this has put a hold on stocking the tank. The tank is leaking from the bottom left corner. Thankfully the guys @ Crystal Dynamics Aquarium replaced my aquarium and provided a new Stand ( warranty 2 months shy of expiring. With the pandemic in...
  3. SkiCatTX

    MAXI Doser out of stock?

    Maxi doser stock seems to be out for weeks. Any idea when/if there will be more available?
  4. psumms

    T5 + LED Hybrid Fitting

    Currently have four AI Hydra 26's, thinking of purchasing a GHL hybrid fixture which accommodates four T5 bulbs. Looking for guidance on bulb color recommendations to compliment the LEDs. Any recommendations?
  5. psumms

    GHL Doser 2.1 Slave/Standalone Question

    If I purchase a GHL Doser 2.1 standalone unit now and decide to purchase a Profilux controller in future, i'm assuming the standalone unit could still be managed just the same as the slave?
  6. reef fish

    Florida Georgia GHL MITRAS LX 7206

    Hello reef family am selling 3 GHL MITRAS LX 7206 in black there absolutely nothing wrong with them i’m just an equipment junkie I want to try some new lights PCW BOARD WICH GO INSIDE THE P4 for Communication with the controller and the lights ask $60 shipped once’s I have sold the light Ask...
  7. lmm1967

    Georgia Aquarium Controller GHL ProfiLux P4 controller (no probes) - $400

    This is for the black P4 controller only - no probes. Power supply and USB cable provided. This works fine and has been disconnected from GHL Cloud. No problems and very little use on this. I had my main controller lose a temperature port and I had to send it in for repairs. Repairs were going...
  8. Coralqueendom

    Profilux WiFi Wont control KHD

    I have tried and tried to sync up my P4 to my KHD and Doser 2.1 to no avail. I downloaded myGHL and GHL connect and successfully created an IP address for the P4 and can now access it via WiFi but when I went to connect the Doser via Static IP it would not accept any IP address. I was told that...
  9. Coralqueendom

    GHL KHD questions

    Recently got the GHL KHD at the first measurement I took read 11.8 when my Hannah checker reads 9.5. I use reef crystals with no problems and have a hard time believing that my tank is running at 10-11DKH. I contacted GHL and they basically said that Hannah is cheap and not as accurate as the...
  10. G

    ProfiLux Mini WiFi - Question

    Hi All, I am planning to setup Profilux Mini Wifi on my Nano. I just want to know if I can add one more STDL4-4 unit to the controller. I am aware of it from the pictures that it has only one port for connection. But is there any splitter or add-on/daisy chain that GHL provides? Also, if...
  11. Tristren

    1-10v control not working

    Hi there, Ive opened this as a ticket with GHL, but hopefully you might be able to shed light on what I’m doing wrong. I have been controlling two Tunze 6040 pumps with my Profilux 4 using illumination channels and it has worked fine. Today I added two more 6040s as well as two Stream 3s. I...
  12. esther

    GHL for Dummies // How to Create a Feed Pause and Maintenance Pause with a Skimmer Delay & More!

    I decided to start making some helpful processes in layman's terms for other fellow reefers. I decided to complete this process through GHL Connect vs. Control Center (I'm a Mac user and prefer to do things without having to touch Windows if I can help it). I hope that you guys find this useful...
  13. Gharris527


    Why didn’t ghl ion directer and the kh directer just merge into one unit so u don’t have to buy 2 units for tank automation like the Neptune trident come on ghl get it together
  14. mlandscape

    United Kingdom GHL Profilux 4 Wanted in UK

    As the title says looking for a GHL Profillux 4 and other products - must be located in the UK
  15. D

    New York WTB GHL system

    In need of a GHL profilux 4, kh. Very urgent. Will pay top dollar for used equipment
  16. esther

    Dual Heater Setup

    Need your help... I have two 300w heaters in my sump. I want to keep the temp fluctuation in the tank between 77.5º and 79.5º. I'm using the Cobalt Neotherm heaters. I can set them to 78º or 80º (nothing in between). My questions are as follows: How should I set up my P4? Should I tell it to...
  17. esther

    Logbook Time not Syncing with P4 Time

    What am I doing wrong? When I add an event in the logbook, it's showing tomorrow and a time that's clearly not the right time. How do I sync the times?
  18. esther

    Using Reef Octopus VarioS-8 with Profilux 4

    So, I want to connect my return pump to my Profilux 4 and am going through this thread: Howto: 0-10v Control Return Pump. I have some questions, though. This link is no longer available: GHL LBF-AP module and it says I need it to connect my pump. Can anyone out there point me in the right...
  19. esther

    Issues with GHL Logbook

    Hey there everyone. Trying to access the Logbook on the GHL app via iOS. What am I doing wrong? Any help is appreciated.
  20. Jeff@CoralVue

    Controller Cabinets: Mount Controllers and Hide Cords Like a Pro!

    Controller Cabinets: Mount Controllers and Hide Cords Like a Pro Get a Custom Look Without Paying a Custom Price! New Controller Cabinets from Adaptive Reef⁠—NOW AVAILABLE!
  21. AquariumSpecialty

    have you heard about the new GHL Ion Director? Monitor & Control KH, ALK, MG, K, NO3 & NA

    We have a pre-order special running from now until Jan 31st. Learn more by clicking one of the images below.
  22. P

    GHL settings not restore-able after firmware update

    Before I updated to the new firmware for my profilux 4 last night, I saved the sensor and settings data to files (as is recommended by GHL). The firmware update went well. I imported my saved settings and sensor data files and everything looked normal. Though I didn't check any settings or...
  23. D


    Lightly used and in great condition. $250 shipped. 818 703 3993
  24. Idoc

    Help with Transfering GHL P4 Settings to New Computer

    Looking through all the threads...GHL P4 has changed quite a bit! I initially had to set it up using a Computer with Windows installed. The computer I used crashed and I can't access it any longer! Question...How do I transfer these settings from my P4 to a new laptop without losing all my...
  25. ChronosReef

    Tennessee Apex, reef keeper, other

    Hey guys was cleaning the fish room and I get some stuff to get rid of, Apex unit, not sure where the face is, I connected it to and can access fusion, it also comes with two probes(and magnetic probe holder). Shoot me an 200obo on that cause I’m not sure of a price without the...
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