1. Ditto

    Waterbox AIO 28.2 Frag Tank

    It is time for me to invest into a Frag tank :). I decided on a Waterbox AIO 28.2 Frag Tank which arrived very well crated on Friday. So My Plan are: Tank: WaterBox All in One 28.2 Controller: #GHL Profilux 4e Power Heads: 2 Tunze 6055 which will be controlled by the Profilux 4e controller...
  2. sayitfast

    Arizona NEW GHL Doser 2.1, KH Director, Powerbar 5.1 and LOTS of extras.

    SOLD ======================== I have new in boxes GHL doser 2.1, KH director, Powerbar 5.1 and lots of extras for sale. Everything is new never used. US power connections. I was going to use this on a new tank but we've since decided to move so my loss your gain. Extras include: Extra PH...
  3. Ditto

    GHL Mitras LX7206 Overview

    I purchased 3 #GHL LX7206 Mitras lights for one my aquarium, I am thoroughly impressed with the lights, and the output they produced!! I posted on the R2R Par Database Thread( my reading results, which having the lights at 75% power...
  4. ReefingwithO

    New York $275 - GHL Doser 2.1 Stand Alone, Back - Warranty Until October 2019.

    GHL Doser 2.1 Standalone version in great shape. Used since October 2017 to dose 10ml a day of Triton on the first 3 dosers and the 4th has dosed aminos or vinegar between 10 and 20ml a day. I purchased this from AquaCave in October 2017 and it comes with a 2-year warranty. Provide me an email...
  5. Ditto

    Profilux 4e Controller - Unboxing and Product Overview

    As I am waiting for my new Waterbox Frag Tank to arrive which will include a build thread in the AIO forums once it arrives (Monday) the controller I am going to be using for this tank has arrived. I did a quick Unboxing and Overview video of the controller and what it has to offer, along with...
  6. AquaNerd

    GHL Announces the Affordable 4e Aquarium Controller

    Learn more about the GHL Profilux 4e on the AquaNerd blog.
  7. MaddyP

    GHL Profilux Temperature Control 2

    Hi Vinny, Currently I'm sketching up a new build utilizing GHL and wanted to know if any additional information can be released about the size of this new product? I don't see any more information online than the buzz page...
  8. MarineDepot

    Reefer Deluxe 525 XL Tank Build - Episode #4

    Reefer Deluxe 525 XL Tank Build - Episode #4 GHL ProfiLux 4 Controller Setup and Mounting
  9. Lylelovett

    Email when ATO triggers and shuts off?

    Hi all, I'm still learning the ins and outs of my Profilux 4. I'm wanting to setup up an email notification when my ATO min level sensor turns on and when my ATO max level sensor turns off. I have my email server info set up - the P4 will email me, I just don't know how to specify the ATO...
  10. AquaNerd

    GHL Connect V2.0 App Is Now Available

    GHL releases the new V2.0 Connect App for Profilux 3.0 & 4.0 controllers, Matras LX7 LED fixtures, and GHL Dosing Pumps. Learn more on the AquaNerd blog.
  11. MarineDepot

    Happy Tanksgiving!

    Happy Tanksgiving! Black Friday: MORE Deals, MORE doorbusters, + AquaMaxx Stock Replenishment!
  12. Tristren

    I'm going in

    All right, so I have been running the Lightbars for a while just through the Profilux Light. My actual controller was the Apex Lite (no relation). I haven't had any issues with the Neptune, but doing my research before diving in to a full fledged controller led to pick the GHL and I'm taking...
  13. MarineDepot

    Black Friday: Saturday Doorbusters + GHL 10% Off!

    Saturday Doorbusters + GHL 10% Off! Black Friday Super Sale - WEEKEND EDITION
  14. Vinny@GHLUSA

    Need help setting up your ProfiLux 4?

    If you're a new GHL ProfiLux 4 owner or need a guide to show you how functions are setup, we have just the thing for you! In our ProfiLux 4 Resource Guide, we show you how to setup your ProfiLux from the moment you take it out of the box. We've also included an easy to follow TO-DO list which...
  15. Reefiness

    GHL Missed the mark for customer service D-

    I have always thought GHL products were supposed to be known for their high quality products and German engineering and yadda yadda. Well I am finding out the hard way that their customer service is sub par. I purchased a GHL doser 2.1 back in early august 2018 and not even 3 months later I...
  16. AquaNerd

    New From GHL – ProfiLux 4 Power Loss Monitor
  17. Fritzhamer

    New York Upgrade clean out sale ( GHL Tunze Deltec Apex Avast)

    I’ve upgraded and all of this is either too small or has been replaced with something else. All works perfectly and is clean and ready to ship. I’m super anal with my equipment and all of it is in like new condition. Avast stuff is a few weeks old. Tunze a year, GHL one year. GHL 2.0 doser with...
  18. Micksfish

    Washington GHL Mitras LX6200-HV LED Light

    Hello all, As stated in my title, I have a used GHL Mitras LX6200-HV LED light for sale. The light itself is in great shape, all LEDs work as does the side display. This is a pretty amazing light and still is plenty powerful to grow any coral you desire. There are no scratches on the LED side...
  19. Buddah001


    I need to sell my KH Director along with the dosing pump. This was purchased as a kit from GHL. Everything is in the original packaging. PH Probe is in the sleeve that it came in with RO water. Also comes with a 1.5liter dosing container for the reagent and 1000ml of reagent. I have tubing that...
  20. AquaNerd

    Read about the new GHL ProfiLux Temperature Control 2 Available in multiple sizes. Read more on our blog...and please join us in welcoming Austin Lankford to our writing staff!
  21. Brian Goldstein

    Share your experience with the GHL Doser 2.1 SA 4 !!

    Hey Reefers- I have been deciding on a doser for 2 part, and the GHL 2.1 seems like my best option. Although there are cheaper routes, such as the Jebao DP4, I can't risk over/under dosing when i'll be dosing small quantities ( like 1-2ml), especially in a 25 gallon SPS tank. My livestock is...
  22. reef fish

    Florida ProfiLux 4 Ultimate Set White And More

    Profilux 4 ultimate set and more (white) USED ProfiLux 4 Ultimate Set includes $750.00+SHIPPING ProfiLux 4 controller, White ProfiLux 4 power supply Water temperature sensor pH probe Redox probe Conductivity probe Powerbar 5.1 with PAB-cable 2m ProfiLux Touch with PAB cable 2m Calibration...
  23. Mortie31

    Do you need to know your Oxygen levels??

    I also posted this in the chemistry forum.. but seeing as it’s a GHL O2 probe i thought it might be of interest to you all. I’ve had my GHL Oxygen probe for several weeks now and it’s been interesting to see how powerhead placement and overflow water height affect the levels, dropping the water...
  24. Front shot of the new P4 in Blk

    Front shot of the new P4 in Blk

    ghl profiLux4
  25. MarineDepot

    At long last! GHL Dosers and Controllers are HERE + 10% off ESV

    At long last! GHL Dosers and Controllers are HERE + 10% off ESV Automate all aspects of aquarium keeping with ProfiLux Controllers and Dosers - NEW @ MD! + 10 off ESV brand supplements this weekend!
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