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Gonis!! SBB Care bears, Treasure chest, Glitter bomb, Highlighter and more!

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Aug 17, 2020
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Limerick, PA
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I have a nice assortment of healthy coral that is ready to ship. Shipping is $45 free after $400. Local pickup also available, located in 19473. PM me for any pack deals!!! local States NJ PA DE NY Shipping is $30 Free after $400

DOA Policy:
Standard DOA applies, in the case of DOA the customer must send clear picture of perished coral within 4 hours of reception for credit on next order or replacement.

Shipping costs will not be refunded due to delays by shipping company.
SPS Corals you must show coral in original unopened bag and on original plug.

All pictures were taken with a Pixel 5 with Orange glasses. Everything grown under all blues and UV.

A1 SBB Treasure Chest
A2 SBB Treasure Chest
A3 SBB Treasure Chest
A4 SBB Treasure Chest
B1 Rainbow Goni
C1 SBB Care Bears
C2 SBB Care Bears
C3 SBB Care Bears
D1 Diablo
D2 Diablo
E1 UC Glitter Tip SOLD
E2 UC Glitter Tip
E3 UC Glitter Tip
E4 UC Glitter Tip
F1 SBB RuneSpoor
F2 SBB RuneSpoor
F3 SBB RuneSpoor
F4 SBB RuneSpoor (BLEM)
G1 Kevins Highlighter
G2 Kevins Highlighter
G3 Kevins Highlighter

H1 Charzard (5Polyp)
H2 WWC Purple Monster (7Polyp)
H3 CK Bozo/Morphed (5Polyp)
H4 CB Rockstar (4Polyp)
H5 Salted Agaves (3Polyp)
H6 CK Bitcoin and Fireworks (4Polyp)
H7 CB Rockstar (9Polyp)
H8 GB Rainbow Trolls (2Polyp)

I1 UC Glitter Bomb
I2 UC Glitter Bomb
J2 Hellfire
K1 SBB Grasshopper
K2 SBB Grasshopper
K3 SBB Grasshopper
K4 SBB Grasshopper
L1 BigR Datenight $
M1 Green Alveopor
M2 Green Alveopora
M3 Green Alveopora
N1 CK Soul Sucker (4Polyp)
N2 CK Soul Sucker (10Polyp)
N3 CK Soul Sucker (9Polyp)

N5 CK Soul Sucker (6Polyp)
N6 CK Soul Sucker (2Polyp)
N7 UC Grim reaper (1Polyp)
N8 UC Grim reaper (2Polyp)
N9 UC Grim reaper (1Polyp)

O1 BiColor Tonic Branching Hammer Single Splitting
O2 BiColor Tonic Branching Hammer Triple
O3 BiColor Tonic Branching Hammer Triple
O4 BiColor Tonic Branching Hammer Four HEADS
O5 BiColor Tonic Branching Hammer Double
O6 BiColor Tonic Branching Hammer Triple


P1 HellFire
P2 HellFire
P3 Orange Peel Double

Q1 WWC Hologram Chalice
Q2 TCK Two Face Chalice
Q3 TCK Two Face Chalice
Q4 TCK Two Face Chalice

R1 Green Branching Plate
R2 Green Branching Plate
R3 Green Branching Plate
R4 Green Branching Plate
R5 Green Branching Plate
R6 Green Branching Plate

PM me for any pack deals!!!
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