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SPS, Gonis, Plates and Rainbow Chalices

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Aug 17, 2020
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Limerick, PA
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I have a nice assortment of healthy coral that is ready to ship. Shipping is $45 free after $400. Local pickup also available, located in 19473. PM me for any pack deals!!! local States NJ PA DE NY Shipping is $30 Free after $400

DOA Policy:
Standard DOA applies, in the case of DOA the customer must send clear picture of perished coral within 4 hours of reception for credit on next order or replacement.

All pictures were taken with a Pixel 5 with Orange glasses. Everything grown under all blues and UV.

D19 TCK Twoface.jpg

H1 Big R Walt Disney SPS.jpg




A1 TSA Bill Murray
A2 TSA Bill Murray
A3 TSA Bill Murray
A4 TSA Bill Murray
A5 Hawkins
A6 Hawkins
A7 Bubblegum digi
A8 Bubblegum digi
A9 Bubblegum digi
A10 Bubblegum digi
B1 TSA Bill Murray
B3 BC BubbleBath Unicorn
B5 Sanys RedPhoton
B6 RRU Wonderland
B7 Creme mili
B8 TC Smoothie
B9 TC Prisma
B10 TC Daredevil
C1 TSA Bill Murray
C3 ARC Peach Giant
C4 TSA Princess Peach
C5 Sanys RedPhoton $120
C6 RRU Wonderland $125
C7 Creme mili $30
C8 TC Smoothie $70
C9 TC Prisma $70
C10 TC Dare Devil $80
D1 TSA Bill Murray
D3 Red Dragon
D4 TSA Princess Peach
D5 Sanys RedPhoton
D6 RRU Wonderland
D7 TC Purple Funk
D8 TC Smoothie
D9 WWC TheThin
E1 TSA Bill Murray
E2 ASD Bee Sting
E3 TSA Rose bloom
E4 TSA Princess Peach
E5 Sanys RedPhoton
F1 Creme mil
F4 TSA Princess Peach
F5 FHC something

Big R Walt Disney

H1 Big R Walt Disney SPS.jpg

Sanyjays Red Photon
B5 Sanys RedPhoton.jpg
A8 Bubblegumdigi.jpg

RRU Wonderland
B6 RRU Wonderland.jpg



A11 SBB Grasshopper
A16 SBB Treasure Chest $
B11 SBB Grasshopper
B13 SBB Treasure Chest
C11 SBB Grasshopper
C12 SBB Care Bears $
C15 UC Glitter Bomb
C16 SBB Treasure Chest $
D11 SBB Grasshopper $
D15 SBB Care Bears $
D16 SBB Treasure Chest


A17 UC Red Glitter Tip
C17 UC Red Glitter Tip
D17 UC Red Glitter Ti
E17 Inferno
E18 Rainbow Goni

G1 Kevins Highlighter
G2 Kevins Highlighter
G3 Kevins Highlighter/Colony


D18 Jellybean.jpg

D19 TCK Twoface.jpg

E20 TCK Twoface.jpg

A18 Jellybean
A19 TCK Twoface
A20 TCK Twoface
A21 WWC Bejeweled Favia
B18 Jellybean
B19 TCK Twoface
B20 TCK Twoface
B21 WWC Bejeweled Favia
C18 Jellybean
C19 TCK Twoface
C20 TCK Twoface
C21 WWC Bejeweled Favia
D18 Jellybean $
D19 TCK Twoface
D21 WWC Bejeweled Favia
E18 Jellybean
E19 TCK Twoface
E21 WWC Bejeweled Favia

WWC Rainbow blasto with babies

F20 WWC Rainbow blasto.jpg

TC Cotton Candy Plate
F18 TC Cotton Candy plate.jpg

TC Cotton Candy Plate

F19 TC Cotton Candy plate.jpg

PM me for any questions or pack deals!!!
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Aug 17, 2020
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Limerick, PA
Rating - 100%
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I have some Zoas ready to ship.

Z1 CB RockStars $25
Z2 CB RockStars $50
Z3 CB RockStars $50
Z4 Pickachu Zoas $75
Z5 Grim Reaper $80
Z6 CK Soul Suckers $160
Z7 CK Soul Suckers $170
Z8 Bozo Birthdays $130
Z9 Grim Reaper $60
Z10 ExoSphere $150
Z11 Charzards $75
Z12 Grim Reapers $40
Z13 WWC Purple Monsters $25
Z15 CK Soul Suckers $45
Z16 Butt muncher $30
Z17 Salted Agave $65
Z18 Armor of god $75
Z19 Bob marleys $65
Z20 Salted Agave $65



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    Votes: 11 4.5%
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  • I stick with feeding standard items.

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  • Other.

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