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Aug 29, 2019
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Hi all! Long time lurker, short time poster here.

After spending the past 8 months checking this forum daily I figured I should probably introduce myself. I'm pretty new to the whole salt water thing, but have had several freshwater tanks through out my life. After spending the first few months of the year researching all things saltwater, I decided to give it a try it June with an IM Nuvo 10 gallon tank. Since then, I've found a new passion in this hobby. I've also really gotten into coral photography and have recently started an instagram: @nanoreefer_co.

I also wanted to say how great is has been to have this forum as a reference anytime I run into an issue or have a question. Everyone here seems to want to help and it's great to see that. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the awesomeness!
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Top Shelf Aquatics

Is it HARD or EASY for you to keep your corals colorful? (check all that apply)

  • SPS Hard

    Votes: 239 61.1%
  • SPS Easy

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  • LPS Hard

    Votes: 61 15.6%
  • LPS Easy

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  • Zoas Hard

    Votes: 40 10.2%
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  • Soft Corals Hard

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