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Sep 7, 2018
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Luzerne Co., Pa.
Hello. My name is Mike and I'm from Luzerne Co., Pa.

I'm not new to the aquarium scene but I am new to the Saltwater aquarium scene.. Been a freshwater enthusiast for many years. Many years ago I had a 45 gal. high tank setup as freshwater for my kids when they were little... Eventually sold the setup. Went quite a few years without anything and about 3 years ago got bit by the bug again! Bought a 72 gal. bow front and had that as freshwater setup as well....
Did fairly well with it but also had the usual ups and downs. I had this tank up and running until the end of this past August!

Then my curiosity for Saltwater got the best of me! I love the reef, corals and fish.

I sold the 72 fresh with everything and bought a second hand 130 seamless bow front.
It's going to be a new passion for me.

I'm currently refinishing the cherry wood stand and canopy and will be cleaning up the tank as well very soon. Already talking and getting excellent info. from my LFS and doing much internet reading.

My goal is to create an awesome reef with fish setup!!!

Just purchased two A1 Prime lights and an ASM G3 protein skimmer. (recommendations).......... Just the start of it all.
So basically, I'll be reading and asking for much more info. Hopefully I can get it here.

Thanks in advance... MIKE aka BountyHunter
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