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Nov 3, 2018
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I have a 150g with a 50g sump, and eshops s300 skimmer. Tank measures 60”x30”x20”. I currently have a baby porcupine puffer and yellow tang in QT, and have a couple others I want to order and get in QT. What do you think of my stock list for the tank? I plan on using tap water with conditioner since I plan on having this a FOWLR tank, so I’ll be doing frequently large water changes. I also plan on filling the tank with various macro algae’s to help with nutrient control and add some decoration to the tank. Any recommendations or input on the stocking list and tank would be greatly appreciated! First time with a tank over 125g.
Stock list idea:
porcupine puffer
Yellow tang
Sail fin tang
Banded butterfly
Flame angel
Snow flake eel
Engineer goby
Cleaner wrasse
Pair of clowns
Flasher wrasse
Chocolate starfish


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Mar 6, 2020
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Winnieland (AKA “People’s” Republic of China)
Yellow Tang- Yes.

Porcupine Puffer- I don’t know how big they can get in our tanks, but might outgrow a 150 eventually.

Sailfin Tang- Will outgrow a 150 + both are Zebrasoma Tangs so there’s a risk of having them together.

Banded Butterfly- You mean the Copperband? Not the easiest fish to keep / feed, make sure the specimen’s eating at least frozen at the LFS. Might also be helpful to have some bloodworms / blackworms on hand.

Flame Angel- Yes.

Snowflake Eel- I think yes, but I don’t know eels all that well.

Engineer Goby- Not sure how it would work with a Snowflake Eel, so please ask. Can knock corals over.

Cleaner Wrasse- Many never take aquarium food. If you want one best bet is a Captive Bred one from ORA.

Pair of Clowns- Yes.

Flasher Wrasse of some kind- Yes.
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