How to clean AWC tubing

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Nov 28, 2017
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I have a bit of an issue. I have noticed my salinity dropping recently. I am running a Neptune DOS for the AWC. Typically the drop in salinity means I need calibration or new heads. I pulled the salt water in side to calibrate and it was way off instead of 40ml it was around 15ml. I checked the barrel and it was mhalf full. I pulled the feed line from the barrel to the dos and noticed a large blockage. Looks like the stuff from the bottom of the barrel.

I'll put a prefilter in to help with intake of scum but I was wondering what the best option to flush the line would be? I was thinking of either vinegar or citric acid. Any thoughts?

I have quite a long run of RO tubing that's in conduit. It would be quite the pain to replace the tubing.

Any thoughts or experiences would be great.
AI Hydra

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