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Sep 8, 2016
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Is it just me??? Or am I really gonna go to bed everynight worrying about 300 gallons of water spilling all over my downstairs and blowing up my house??? I have a 300 gallon frankensystem growout I made all myself, been running since January, but Everynight I honestly add into my prayers that if God could honestly do me a solid and watch over my tank and make sure it doesnt have an accident... it’s exhausting... I dont know if its just because Im honestly a nutcase, but when do you really just say, “wow, I think I made a solid setup. Goodjob dude! Now enjoy it.” Im waiting for that day... please let me know your guys’ stories of your frankensetups and how you just... let it roll... In the meantime I gotta get to bed and get that prayer in about no leaks or disasters in the reef room... night

How LOYAL are you to your salt brand for your reef tank?

  • I will never switch salts

    Votes: 41 8.2%
  • It would take a lot for me to switch

    Votes: 128 25.7%
  • I would switch depending on the reason

    Votes: 216 43.4%
  • I could easily be persuaded to switch

    Votes: 45 9.0%
  • I have no loyality to my salt

    Votes: 68 13.7%

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