IM 30L Tank Build

Oct 11, 2019
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Atlanta, Georgia
So I originally built this tank with the intent of drilling it and installing a sump underneath it. I did not drill it(as of yet) and decided to go ahead and cycle the tank, add sand/liverock, and transfer the inhabitants of my old tank into their new home.This current setup has been running for six months. My plan was to have a successful clown harem tank. I’m not sure of my current plans.

I’ve been reefing for two years now and are looking for a good 30L equipment/filtration recipe + standard tank husbandry + patience to get good looking well ran tank. It seems I can get some coral to live fine and have a little growth and some to just be meh. Below I will list all of my current equipment plus tank inhabitants.

-Innovative Marine 30L AIO
-Rear Sump Area Left(First Chamber)
-InTank Media Basket (InTank filter floss, ChemipureBlu, Bagged Carbon)
-Rear Sump Area Left(Second Chamber)
-IM ChaetoMax light
Rear Sump Middle Chamber
-AI Prime HD
-Tunze 3152 ATO (with 5-gallon hedpak for freshwater)
-IM 30L stock pump with “y” divider
Rear Sump Right Third Chamber
-Finnex HMS-150S heater
Rear Sump Right Fourth Chamber
- Nothing.
Vortech MP40 Powerhead
APS NUVO 30L Stand
Red Sea Test Kits
Hanna Test Kits

1x Ocellaris Clown
1x Midnight Lighting Designer Ocellaris
2x Turbo Snails
5x Nassiruis Snails
~10 x assorted hermit crabs
~10 x Cerith Snails
1 x RBTA

Green Hammer
Purple Hammer
Orange Torch Coral

This is my current build. It’s about six months old. I do plan to drill it. Maybe add a reasonable algae scrubber and upgrade the return pumps.

No skimmer at this current time. Running very frequented water changes every week.
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Have you ever had an algae outbreak so bad that you had to break the tank down and start over?

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    Votes: 103 17.8%
  • No

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  • Having a major outbreak right now and I'm considering it

    Votes: 52 9.0%
  • I've never had algae and my name is Pinocchio

    Votes: 22 3.8%

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