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Aug 24, 2021
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1. A spinning attachment to my water change siphon to stir up sand and break up the occasional cyano to better suck up crud.

2. A Roomba-ish submersible for the front glass that I can program to do a daily squeegee on the inside surface daily.

3. A programmed saltwater-proof submersible laser that can zap Aiptasia. I mean, watch How It’s Made and see those devices that blow out the black corn kernals in micro-seconds. Why can’t I have an Aiptasia canon?

4. An aquarium controller powering all devices by way of a Tesla coil so that I don’t have the Flying Spaghetti Monster of cables any longer. Now, no cables at all!

5. A third plumbing line, so that I get pre-mixed saltwater from a faucet that works like those faucets for filling pots on your oven. This one seems doable if I mixed saltwater in my daughter’s upstairs bedroom. Why does she need two closets?!?
All are some great posts. How about WiFi that never drops out ? When can we get that
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