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Oct 22, 2019
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Been on this forum for a while, but only recently started being an active member. I have entered the hobby 1,5 years ago by keeping 2 clownfish in a 15 gallon tank. Outside of the reefing hobby I work as an airline pilot and enjoy studying all kinds of scientific stuff (including reefkeeping).

Once I got the hang of keeping the small tank stable and healthy, I quickly upgraded to a red sea max 250 and kept some basic leather corals and fish.

I fell in love with the hobby and upgraded to a 125 gallon reef tank 2 months ago. Now that this tank is moving in the right direction. I would like to introduce myself and my little ocean.

Tank is 6” in length and has a volume of 125 gallons. System is running with following equipment:

- 2 heaters
- Nyos 2.0 (not activated due to tank age)
- Powerflotor L skimmer
- Aqua medic DC runner 5.2
- 2 Jebao wave makers (up to 9000l/h)
- 2 Amtra led system reef 48W, 1 24x3W JMB reef led

The tank has 80 pounds of sand and 150 pounds of Revoreef 3DM reef rock, seeded with some LR from previous tank.

Took 5 weeks to establish the initial cycle of the tank. Still fighting with some algae, but has been a lot worse than how it looks today. Livestock from previous tank has been added over the last 4 weeks.


- Spotted Mandarin (closely monitored in new tank, eating frozen mysis and pods)
- 2 Occelaris clownfish
- 1 Paracanthurus Hepatus (Blue tang)
- 1 Firefish
- 1 Goby
- 1 Royal Gramma
- 1 Yellow tail damsel
- Cleaner shrimp

Attached are a few pictures of my tank. Corals and fish have been doing fine and are growing. Full tank shot wastaken 2 weeks ago, and the other one with additional (white) dry rock was taken today. (Fish and corals are a bit freaked out by the addition of rock and more sand at the moment).

I hope I can find some good info and inspiration on R2R.

D8FDAE92-3614-48B5-AE2C-850AC3C9503C.jpeg 761CEC04-EBD2-4174-82DA-BF8E85F73F9B.jpeg 9C91B633-2ECA-4383-A838-4D8B600D0B42.jpeg Leather is shredding.
9D38C7F6-6E14-48F8-BF75-3A58E51DB93D.jpeg 19F94F1A-816B-4480-BF03-A75E84146376.jpeg E873CF8B-0F59-4736-AC3A-2354EFA9B62A.jpeg D6EDF5F1-DCF3-4A16-B485-DC4C6C0C6417.jpeg E743B8BE-9028-4953-9288-ED143B0167E1.jpeg A0BB2950-F171-4BC4-8BCB-08A29F4A72FB.jpeg D705639D-6CFE-4537-BE67-D2B2D2745A18.jpeg 4FFE0CE6-F5AC-431A-867C-B338FC4B5011.jpeg C0F2B9D5-280D-44B1-8868-4CB760838BD5.jpeg 4F2D6FC3-62FE-4CAE-BC74-5DD7A8027FE5.jpeg
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