Jelly bean, space invader, candy cane, acan enchi FS!


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Oct 2, 2018
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Hello all, it’s time for me to frag some of my corals to make some space for new corals. These frag have been cut and healed for more than 3 weeks and I would like to find them new home. Prices are attached in pictures.
Please let me know if you have any questions. I prefer these to be pick up in Springfield, Va for now. If you want me to ship send me a pm we can work it out.
FYI, the jelly bean with 5 eyes is on a 3” disc. Thank you for looking
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Do you quarantine new coral before adding it to your reef tank?

  • YES always

    Votes: 85 16.6%
  • Sometimes depending (tell us why)

    Votes: 59 11.5%
  • NO never

    Votes: 352 68.9%
  • Other (please explain)

    Votes: 15 2.9%