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jumping into the salt world


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Apr 18, 2020
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Hi! Welcome to the salty life! Its fun and challenging to say the least..

I know a lot of great info and people are on here! If youre interested in getting some salt info I just started a YouTube channel with the help of some of my reefing inspirations (Bahama Llama and Inappropriate Reefer). That being said I hope you enjoy the video Id no doubt take at least one of these tips and run with it!

Happy reefing!



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Oct 2, 2018
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Palm Bay, FL
Welcome to R2R and the wonderful folks, information and help.
Patience, it is the big word around here, Reefing is patience to cycle, to watch things grow, to keep your tank balanced.
I recommend to everyone joining to create a tank build thread.
1. You get to see where you have started and how much you have grown in this hobby.
2. We love pictures and to see what your doing with your tank.
3. It’s a great learning tool for all of us to see what works and doesn’t . We learn great stuff from each other.
Lastly the only bad question here is the one not asked...
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