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Jan 21, 2021
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Southern California

OK - it's not quite like that, I like this reef stuff more than Micheal Corleone liked being a mobster... Hi - been in the hobby for a while... first tank as a kid in NY in '77... first saltwater tank '88 (Pet Kingdom, San Diego, anyone know that place?)... bought my JBJ 24G in 2005, it's still up and running with a few mods along the way. I had corals when I first started it, then it morphed into a fish/live rock tank the last few years. Added an AI Prime recently and introduced corals back. Clown and Yellow Tang are the current roommates (Clown is an original resident from 2005!). I bought a WB Marine X 110.4 the other day and am looking forward to getting it set up and learning all this fun stuff I heard about over the years - sump, skimmers, reactors and a bunch of other stuff will be new to me... My current tank has a rear sump, before that it was all canister filters and "hang on the back of the tank" kind of stuff. Tang will go in the WB - he needs to stretch a bit since he's grown up, Marlin will stay in the JBJ - it's home.

So I joined R2R to get myself up to date with this new fancy technology and have some fun with it! that's what it's all about, right? First they spring this internet stuff on me and the next thing you know I hear about something called PAR and it has nothing to do with golf! what's that about???

Anyway - hopefully the new tank will arrive in the next month, until then here's a pic of the current setup... BTW - I was a member of a couple of reef forums when I started the JBJ but for the life of me I can't remember what those sites were! if they are still up there are pictures out there of this tank from 15 years ago!


BTW, Marlin does have a tail fin - I caught him doing a turn...