Kessil A500X LNIB For Sale


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Oct 17, 2013
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Hey All,

I have a like brand new Kessil A500X that I don't need. I mounted this on my small 40 cube and ran it for about 2 weeks and took PAR readings from it. It was mounted on a Kessil Mounting Arm and has never had anything on it as far as salt, dust, etc. It is in 10/10 shape.

It has a 2 year warranty that started about a month ago. I have the receipt that I will provide the new buyer with a copy so they can transfer warranty to their name.

I purchased this when they were first released and this is serial number 50!

I absolutely LOVE the light and don't really want to sell it, but it was too much for my little cube, even on about 20%. This is a SERIOUS PAR machine! This will cover 36 inches x 36 inches with no reflector. Reflector takes the beam and focuses it so you can mount higher.

This comes with the 55 degree reflector as well.

If interested, I also have the pieces listed below that I can sell with it.

1) Kessil A500X SPS LED - ($700.00 Plus Shipping) -
2) Kessil Wifi Dongle ($80.00 Plus Shipping) -
3) Kessil Mounting Arm ($70.00 Plus Shipping) -
4) Kessil Mounting Arm Extension (for wider extension) ($20.00 Plus Shipping) -
5) Kessil Swivel Mount (allows rotation for best coverage) ($20.00 Plus Shipping) -

All for $850 plus shipping.

Paypal payment and email with any questions - Click to email me

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