Kessils over 90 gallon


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Mar 23, 2021
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I am running two kessils over a 90 gallon older oceanic with a center brace.
My questions is this would you add one more kessil over center brace area to help distribute light more evenly. Which would also up the par in the tank.
Or would you add a 48in led fill light and just leave the 2 kessils alone?

Which we currently have a new light in Denver called nico lights which everyone is switching to because they have some more pop on corals and high par value is what I would use for the fill light. My choices are blue pop, white or uv 460nm which is the one I am considering going with.

Any info would be helpful on deciding because I really am unsure what's the best action to take.


Jon's Reef

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Jun 5, 2020
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Madison, WI
I would go with 2 bar lights, one in front and one in back. This will give you a nice 100-200 par fill. Place your kessils over the areas that you want to highlight/ where you need more par (ex a tall part of the aquascape where you put SPS).
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