For sale Lifereef SVS-2 24 Skimmer


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Well used Lifereef SVS2-24 available. Hazing to acrylic.

The outflow assembly was detached when I purchased it years ago. I made a crude repair. It is ugly. But it works. Pipe is very well secured now and does not leak. Included is a spears gate valve (Much nicer than the stock valve) 1” threaded female, as well as the stock Venturi.

Shipping available at buyers expense. Or local pickup. No pump included



How much of your saltwater reef tank is automated?

  • Nothing is automated

    Votes: 55 12.7%
  • 25% or so

    Votes: 135 31.3%
  • 50% or so

    Votes: 102 23.6%
  • 75% or so

    Votes: 92 21.3%
  • Close to 100%

    Votes: 45 10.4%
  • Totally Automated (we need proof)

    Votes: 3 0.7%
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