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Discussion in 'Aquascape Discussion' started by ihavecrabs, Jul 27, 2018.

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    Anyone looking for Live Rock may run across the site LiveRockNReef.. I was in need of seeing my dry rock with some quality live rock and stumbed across this site. I ended up going this route because there were quite a few decent reviews and at the end of the day, if all the hitchhikers died, it wasn't the end of the world since my biggest need was the natural bacteria.

    I ended up picking up 10lbs of Ultra Buna live rock. It was shipped ground and made it from Utah (I think) to Illinois in 4 days. Wrapped in wet newspaper as they decribed and verified I was aware over the phone. I opened the box to almost no smell... This was a good surprise as I expected something rancid.

    The rock was pretty barren. I was quite disappointed. I'm sure the bacteria is there which is my main reason for the rock, but still... Buying live rock and getting it without any hitchhikers (good or bad), no algae, no coralline, nothing!

    With that said, I'll let you compare the pictures from their site and pictures from my QT tank (please excuse the unclean glass haha) and decide for yourself.

    Time will tell if I received a good bacteria colony :)


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    I have no experience with the vendor and hence cannot tell from experience . However with all the ban and restrictions , it's becoming extremely difficult to procure quality pacific rocks as it used to be in the past .
    Atlantic rocks are different story as vendors like KPaquatics and Tampabay saltwater culture their own and have good reputation .

    That said - I personally won't care about how much life is left on the live rocks but if it's true live rocks ,it's the bacterial culture that develop on it over time that counts .

    You can easily introduce macro life in it by buying sponges and all later .

    Good job on getting atleast some live rock when the world has moved to dry rocks .
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    If you want the rock filled with life you need to get the cherry primo deco rock and ship it overnight. I purchased that from Live Rock N Reef and it is amazing rock filled with life, vegetation and color. That's the rock aquacultured right out of the ocean. The stuff you ordered not so much.

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